Lead Me Home by CS Savage @Bloodhoundbook @sarahsavage26

Lead Me Home – CS Savage

Book Description:

His perfect woman will be his forever.

As an overworked NHS psychiatrist, Dr Clancy Mclean is used to dealing with mental illness.  But she is stressed –  trying to balance her career and the needs of her only child, Rowan.  And she has her work cut out trying to keep her patients well. She knows two of them are psychotic, and becoming overwhelmed by their voices. If they act on them it could prove disastrous.

 Rowan is troubled. Her boyfriend is abusive but she doesn’t want to end the relationship – she’s too scared of being lonely. Can she find someone else to keep her company?

 And, as if Clancy doesn’t have enough to worry about, another of her patients is paranoid and convinced she is being stalked. Is it just a symptom of her mental illness?

 Because there is a stalker on the prowl and he is getting closer to his victim with each passing day.

My Thoughts:

Lead Me Home is the authors debut novel. As debut novel’s go, it’s pretty impressive. You don’t get many books that centre round the mental health services so was good to actually have a main character who works in it.

The story flicks between four characters. Clancy and her daughter Rowan, Beth one of Clancy’s patients and an unknown character. Clancy is a hard working single mum trying to do her best and make ends meet. I really didn’t envy her job at all. She certainly seems to be snowed under with things looking like they are going to get even more complex.

Rowan is your typical teenager. At times I wanted to slap her and give her a good shake and had to remember what it was like to be that age again. It really isn’t an easy age and through her we get to see some of the issues surrounding social media.

Beth I really liked. She’s troubled but someone I took to straight away. She just wants to be save and loved and I think readers will certainly relate to her.

The story did leave some unanswered questions for me but as this is the first book in a new series, it has left me looking forward to more.

Lead Me Home is a really intriguing read. I love that it is very different to other crime thrillers as it isn’t a detective series making it a stand out read in it’s genre. I was so caught up with what was going on in the characters lives that I read it in one afternoon. Whilst I had worked some of what was going on out, the author still made sure they held some surprises in store for me, making it a thrilling and engrossing read. Great debut.

My thanks to Bloodhound Books and NetGalley for an advanced readers copy of this book. All opinions are my own and not biased in anyway.

Lead Me Home is available to purchase from Amazon. (Please note that link used is an affiliate link).


Author Bio:

CS Savage is a psychiatrist, and a life long fan of mystery/suspense and crime fiction.

She works and lives in South London with her family and two dogs, but spends as much time as she can in her Lake District retreat.

She followed her life long ambition to write two years ago, and is an alumni of the Faber academy.

Lead Me Home is her debut novel, and she is currently working on the sequel.


The Millionaire’s Wife by Shalini Boland @bookouture @ShaliniBoland


Book Description:

Hello Anna. Your turn next…

When Anna Blackwell opens an email from an unknown sender, the shocking image attached shatters her perfect world. A woman has been killed. And Anna knows who did it. The past is catching up with her.

Is it her turn next?

To protect herself and her husband Will, she must tell him the terrible truth about her first love. But as the secrets of her life unravel, Anna begins to realise that she is not the only one who has been living a lie.

Anna doesn’t know who to turn to: her best friend, her parents, her husband. But she knows that she must stop her ex-lover, before it’s too late…

My Thoughts:

Anna has it all. She’s married to a millionaire who she is very much in love with and life is good. That is until her ex makes a reappearance threatening to take everything away from her.

The story flicks between present day and to the past at different stages of Anna meeting Fin and their relationship together. I really enjoyed getting to see why Anna was so worried and what sort of man Fin was. Certainly not a very nice one, that’s for sure.

I loved Will. Obviously the fact he is rich is just an added bonus but I found myself wishing I could swap places with Anna. It’s obvious how much he loves his wife also and I was praying that whatever Fin was going to try and do to this couple that they would come through it okay.

This is only the second book I have read by the author but she is steadily becoming one of my favourites. This is another read that as soon as I picked up, I didn’t put it down until I came to those two words, The End. She has a way of drawing you in and not letting you go.

The Millionaire’s Wife is a nail biting, edge of your seat read. I couldn’t sit still as I was dying to see how everything was going to end. I loved how the author throws some unexpected surprises in just to keep you on your toes whilst thrilling and exciting you to the max. What can I say apart from that I loved it. Psychological thriller fans, you have got to read this book!

My thanks to Bookouture and NetGalley for an advanced readers copy of this book. All opinions are my own and not biased in anyway.

The Millionaire’s Wife is available to purchase from Amazon. (Please note that link used is an affiliate link).

My Mother The Liar by Ann Troup @TroupAnn @HQDigitalUK


Book Description:

Every family has a secret…

When Rachel Porter’s estranged mother dies, she returns to her family home filled with dread about having to face her past, and the people who populated it.

Little does she know that there are dead bodies waiting to be discovered, and a lifetime of secrets are about to unravel.

Secrets kept by her mother, the liar.

My Thoughts:

My Mother The Liar is a mixture of domestic noir and murder/mystery.

The story starts off with the shocking discovery of two bodies. This opens a whole can of worms for Rachel Porter and her estranged family.

Rachel hasn’t spoken to any of her family for nigh on twenty years. Going back home certainly opens some old wounds. It is obvious from the start that this family has a lot of secrets and family life at The Limes was not a happy one.

I enjoyed the mixture of finding out more about the family as well as the police investigation into the deaths. It gives you a better understanding of what life was like back when Rachel was at home, though I had no clue as to who was responsible and enjoyed each revelation as they came.

My Mother The Liar is an intriguing read full of mystery and suspense. It certainly kept me guessing up until all is revealed and kept me turning those pages. If you love a story packed full of family secrets and lies, you are really going to enjoy this one.

My Mother The Liar is available to purchase from Amazon. (Please note that link used is an affiliate link).

Dying Truth by Angela Marsons @bookouture @WriteAngie


Book Description:

How far would you go to protect your darkest secrets?

When teenager Sadie Winter jumps from the roof of her school, her death is ruled as suicide – a final devastating act from a troubled girl. But then the broken body of a young boy is discovered at the same school and it’s clear to Detective Kim Stone that these deaths are not tragic accidents.

As Kim and her team begin to unravel a dark web of secrets, one of the teachers could hold the key to the truth. Yet just as she is about to break her silence, she is found dead.

With more children’s lives at risk, Kim has to consider the unthinkable – whether a fellow pupil could be responsible for the murders. Investigating the psychology of children that kill brings the detective into contact with her former adversary, Dr Alex Thorne – the sociopath who has made it her life’s work to destroy Kim.

Desperate to catch the killer, Kim finds a link between the recent murders and an initiation prank that happened at the school decades earlier. But saving these innocent lives comes at a cost – and one of Kim’s own might pay the ultimate price.

The utterly addictive new crime thriller from the Number One bestselling author – you will be gripped until the final shocking twist.

Dying Truth - Blog Tour

My Thoughts:

I really am at a loss for words for what to say about Dying Truth. There is so much I want to say but I just don’t know how to say it to do this fabulous book the justice it deserves.

The story centres around a boarding school. I’m not sure if it’s because of the school setting or that some of the murder victims are children, but either way it had me totally hooked. I also think because there are children involved that you can really see how much it’s affecting the team.

Dawson really stands out in the story. I loved how him and Geoffrey, one of the students, strike up an unlikely bond. It is one that will stay with me for a very long time to come. I think we see a more softer and caring side with certain characters than we have ever seen in previous books and it really makes for some emotional reading in parts.

Dr Alex Thorne being one of my all time favourite baddies certainly put a big smile on my face when I realised she was back, no matter how briefly. I know I shouldn’t but I am actually routing for her to break out of prison at some point so she can cause more havoc and mayhem. I know, I’m bad, as I love Kim also. Maybe the author could write a series to do with Alex also. I don’t want much do I? 🙂

Dying Truth is a gripping and tense read that by the end I was an emotional wreck. Who knew you could cry so much at a book in a detective series, but I did. It just shows how talented the author is to have her readers so wrapped up in the story that the actions within it, affect us so much. Without a doubt my new favourite book in the series.

My thanks to Bookouture and NetGalley for an advanced readers copy of this book. All opinions are my own and not biased in anyway.

Dying Truth is available to purchase from Amazon. (Please note that link used is an affiliate link).

Angie - updated author photo - no credit needed

About the author: 
Angela Marsons is the author of the International Bestselling DI Kim Stone series and her books have sold more than 2 million in 2 years.

She lives in the Black Country with her partner, their cheeky Golden Retriever and a swearing parrot.

She first discovered her love of writing at Junior School when actual lessons came second to watching other people and quietly making up her own stories about them. Her report card invariably read “Angela would do well if she minded her own business as well as she minds other people’s”.

After years of writing relationship based stories (The Forgotten Woman and Dear Mother) Angela turned to Crime, fictionally speaking of course, and developed a character that refused to go away.

She is signed to Bookouture.com for a total of 16 books in the Kim Stone series and her books have been translated into more than 27 languages.

Her last three books – Blood Lines, Dead Souls and Broken Bones – reached the #1 spot on Amazon on pre-orders alone.


Game Players by Anita Waller @Bloodhoundbook @anitamayw


Book Description:

When a gang of six children playing in their den in the woods spot a man burying drugs nearby, it marks the beginning of the end of their childhoods.


Unsure what to do, the children dig up the drugs and take them away. But when the dealer, who they watched bury the stash, shows up dead, the youngsters are thrown into turmoil.


Scared of what might happen, the children tell the police about the body they have discovered.


Meanwhile, a group of gangsters start searching for their missing drugs.


Soon the children and their families become the target of the vicious criminals who will stop at nothing to retrieve their narcotics…

My Thoughts:

Anita Waller is an author whose books I never quite know what to expect. She has a knack of shocking and horrifying me. Obviously I mean that in the best possible way.

The story definitely has a sense of Stand By Me by Stephen King about it. I think because the story heavily features the children characters which isn’t always that usual in this genre of book. It certainly made it even more appealing.

Daryl was my favourite out of the children. He hasn’t the best of home lives and he takes it upon himself to be one of the more responsible elders in the group. The others look up to him and I had a real emotional connection with Daryl.

Some of the characters surprised me and had me changing my mind in how I felt about them. This is what I love about this authors books as she has you thinking one way only to send you hurtling in a different direction. Even though there maybe children in the book, it certainly isn’t one you would want your child reading!

Game Players has to be one of my favourite books by this author. There is a certain amount of foreboding and I could feel my heart racing the further into the story I got. A tense and thrilling read that I couldn’t devour quick enough to see how it was going to end. Loved it!

My thanks to Bloodhound Books and NetGalley for an advanced readers copy of this book. All opinions are my own and not biased in anyway.

Game Players is available to purchase from Amazon. (Please note that link used is an affiliate link).


Author Bio


Anita Waller was born in Sheffield, South Yorkshire in 1946. She married Dave in 1967 and they have three adult children.
She began writing when she was around 8 years of age, writing ‘compositions’ at junior school that became books with chapters.
In 1995 she sent Beautiful to a publisher and as they reached the contract stage the publisher went into liquidation. As a result, the book was consigned to the attic in dejected disgust but in 2013 it was dragged out again for an enforced complete re-type. The original was written on an Amstrad 8256 and the only thing that remained was one hard copy.
Anita is not a typist and it was painfully reworked over two years, submitted to Bloodhound Books who, within three days of reading it, offered her a contract. 31 August 2015 saw its release into the wide world.
Following the outstanding success of Beautiful, she began a sequel on 27 December 2015, finishing it on 19 March 2016. The new novel, Angel, was launched on 7 May 2016.
34 Days followed, with its launch in October 2016. This was a huge success, particularly in the United States. While this, her third book in the psychological thriller genre, was flying out in all directions, she began work on her fourth book.


Winterscroft was a change in genre. It is a supernatural tale, set in Castleton, Derbyshire, and its release date was February 2017.


While she was writing Winterscroft, it became very clear from reading reviews that a sequel to 34 days was needed, and she began work on that. Bloodhound Books launched Strategy, on 10 August 2017.


Her next book, launched February 2018 and entitled Captor, is a psychological thriller, set exclusively in Sheffield. It was an instant success, both in the UK and the US.


The along came Game Players… once more set in Sheffield, the story involves a group of six children who have each other’s backs to a remarkable extent. The darker, criminal side of Sheffield is explored, and the book launch is 18 May 2018.
In her life away from the computer in the corner of her kitchen, she is a Sheffield Wednesday supporter with blue blood in her veins! The club was particularly helpful during the writing of 34 Days, as a couple of matches feature in the novel, along with Ross Wallace. Information was needed, and they provided it.

Her genre is murder – necessary murder.



Amazon page:   https://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=anita+waller

Facebook page:  @anitawaller2015

Website:  www.anitamayw.wixsite.com/anitawaller

Twitter:   @anitamayw








34 Days:











Shameful Justice by M.A. Comley @Melcom1


Book Description:

Greed is a powerful motive…

With the ultimate goal to achieve something that others have.

This case is close to home… with one of her work colleagues desperate for help.

Lorne’s team are up against the odds… And somebody is restricting Lorne’s usual method of solving a case.

Tick tock… with only 24 hours to raise a vast sum of money to satisfy a kidnapper’s needs, Lorne is forced to seek the assistance of her husband — a former MI6 agent — and a close friend she has turned to before.

More pressure than usual for Lorne to contend with to get the case solved!

Time is of the essence when there is a life at stake…

A fast-paced thriller, ideal for fans of Angie Marsons and Joy Ellis.

By NY Times bestselling author M A Comley who has sold over 2 million books worldwide.

My Thoughts:

It is so good to catch back up with Lorne again. It feels like an age since I was reading about them all last. Sadly though, you know there will always be murder and mayhem close by.

Lorne and Tony make a great team. At home as well as work. Tony has an extremely interesting work history and even his current work makes for fascinating reading. It was good to see a bit more of it in the story.

The case of a missing young lady causes issues in more ways than one for Lorne. Not only does it have her and her team under pressure to find her, it puts her in a compromising situation at work. You have to take your hat off to Lorne. She doesn’t half have some rubbish thrown at her so I love her strength and how feisty she is.

Shameful Justice ticks all the boxes for me. It has the perfect blend of home and work life for the main characters. The are also believable and ones that readers will take into their hearts as over the series they have become like family are close friends. Another gripping and page turner of a read in one of my favourite crime series’.

My thanks to the author for an advanced readers copy of this book. All opinions are my own and not biased in anyway.

Shameful Justice is available to purchase from Amazon. (Please note that link used is an affiliate link).

Fault Lines by Doug Johnstone #BlogTour @OrendaBooks @doug_johnstone


Book Description:

Brilliantly constructed speculative crime fiction
A classic whodunit
Dark psychological suspense

Doug Johnstone returns with his most explosive and original thriller yet…

A little lie … a seismic secret … and the cracks are beginning to show…

In a reimagined contemporary Edinburgh, where a tectonic fault has opened up to produce a new volcano in the Firth of Forth, and where tremors are an everyday occurrence, volcanologist Surtsey makes a shocking discovery.
On a clandestine trip to new volcanic island The Inch, to meet Tom, her lover and her boss, she finds his lifeless body, and makes the fatal decision to keep their affair, and her discovery, a secret. Desperate to know how he died, but also terrified she’ll be exposed, Surtsey’s life quickly spirals into a nightmare when someone makes contact – someone who claims to know what she’s done…

My Thoughts:

So Doug Johnstone is back with his new thriller. What a thriller it is as well!

This is such an atmospheric read. The scenes at the island called the Inch literally took my breath away. I could easily visualise it all in my head and the author transported me from my home to the island.

The story starts off with Surtsey coming across her lovers body on the island, from then on in we are taken on a tense and suspenseful journey waiting for everything to unfold. Surtsey has a lot going on in her life. Not only is her lover now dead, her mother is dying from cancer. I have to admit to finding the story line of her mother very emotional. Having recently lost my mother in law, not to cancer, it is something that really struck a cord and at times I did find it hard reading solely because of how raw my own feelings were.

Fault Lines draws you straight in and keeps you there throughout. The tension builds nicely to a satisfying climax. With a few surprises thrown in for good measure, this is another great read from the author.

My thanks to Anne Cater and Orenda books for a copy of the book. All opinions are my own and not biased in anyway.

Fault Lines is available to purchase from Amazon. (Please note that link used is an affiliate link)

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