Stolen Child by Laura Elliot


Book Description:

When Carla Kelly and Robert Gardner marry, they seem destined for happiness. But tragedy strikes when their two-day-old baby, Isobel, is stolen. Distraught and bewildered, they must cope with the media frenzy that follows. As hope of finding her fades, their marriage disintegrates under the strain and they divorce. Robert moves to Australia and Carla, who had been a successful model, becomes reclusive and retreats into anonymity in order to escape the glare of publicity.

Meanwhile, many miles away in a small town, Joy Dowling, miracle baby, is the adored only child of Susanne and David. Her mother is over protective and attempts to rear Joy in isolation, but as a wilful and headstrong child, Joy will not be held back and comes into conflict with her mother. Susanne Dowling has her reasons for wanting to keep Joy out of sight but some things can’t stay hidden forever.

As the years pass, hopes of finding Isobel fade, but Carla Kelly never gives up her search. Her love for her Stolen Child burns fiercely and soon, secrets long kept will be brought into the light.

Stolen Child is a love story about two families who are torn apart by deception and the consequences of a reckless act that shaped their futures.

My Thoughts:

This is a story alternating between Carla, whose daughter was snatched from her and Susanne, who took her.
Laura Elliot has done a wonderful job with this book, a story alternating between having your world ripped apart and never giving up hope and also a story of having to live with the guilt of what we have done and questioning whether getting what we wish for can really make us happy.
The storyline had me hooked from the start but I would say that the last 20% of the book was just breath taking. My emotions were all over the place and even now writing this my heart is beating ten to the dozen.
I felt empathy for all the characters involved in the book and was drawn to quite a few of them, David and Joy especially.
An absolute must read and will certainly be reading more by this author.

This book has just been published in the U.S but is already available in the U.K

Thank you to Bookouture and NetGalley for an Advanced Readers Copy.

I have awarded this book 5 stars.

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