Me Blackberry Fool, You Apple Tart by Amelia Slocombe


Book Description:

Best friends Isla Butterfield and Rachel Ku are inseparable. Inseparable, that is, thanks to the wonders of modern technology and the humble smart phone.

Isla is a lawyer in a cutthroat city law firm, working 90-hour weeks in a job she hates. The rest of her time is spent dealing with her recently divorced father, worrying about premature ageing, wishing she’d followed her dream of becoming an actress and hiding her designer clothes’ receipts from her long-term boyfriend, Toby – a biologist with mild OCD.

Rachel is stuck in a dead-end 9-5 marketing job for a manufacturer of commercial sink units. Her life is troubled by her crazy thoroughbred horse Aristotle (who she can’t afford), her eccentric Malaysian mother with an internet shopping addiction, and her emotionally detached boyfriend, Spencer. Spencer never calls, is always late and prefers to spend his time at the beck and call of his best friend Alex Robertson, a well known and extremely good looking premiership footballer.

After a chance encounter with the notorious Alex Robertson, Isla is given a glimpse of a very different existence. But does she really want a life of money, celebrity hangouts and Harvey Nicholls’ stylists? And if she does, how much is she willing to sacrifice to get it?

My Thoughts:

Got to admit I didn’t know how this book would work as the story is told in the form of emails and the odd text between best friends Isla and Rachel. It does work though and I really enjoyed it.

The two women have quite different careers and the correspondence between the both of them ranges from personal going ons in their lives to boring work issues. The book flows really well and some of the correspondence really does make you chuckle.

I can actually relate to one part of the book where one of the girls was on a cruise and ordered a bottle of wine not realising how expensive it was. Feel quite lucky that mine only cost me £65 and not over £400 like hers did. Bit of a difference when your used to buying bottles in the supermarket for less than £5!

I love the relationship between Isla and Rachel and I think most women will be able to see themselves as well as their close friends in the two characters.

The author used to be a lawyer like Isla in the book and even though its not a true story it is based on real people and events which I think makes the book even more appealing.

A lovely light hearted read that will certainly lighten up your reading experience.

I have awarded this book 4/5 stars.

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