The Forgotten Girls (Book #1 in The Murder Suburban Series) by Alexa Steele


Book Description:

In an elite suburb of New York City, girls are dying. That doesn’t happen in Greenvale, with its immaculate lawns, exclusive yacht clubs and multi-million dollar mansions. But behind its perfect façade, its trimmed hedges and luxury cars, a darkness lies. Girls, dependent on Adderall, outmaneuver each other to get into top colleges, while the mothers’ need to live vicariously only makes it worse.

Bella DeFranco is one of the Bronx’s top SVU detectives. At only 37, she disarms everyone with her stunning good looks, yet she is as tough as most men—and a lot smarter, too. Yet when is summoned to Greenvale, she finds herself getting lost in a case that even she can’t comprehend. She stumbles into a land of secrets, a place where husbands hide their pasts from their wives, where friends are not what they seem, and where no one wants to know too much. As she digs deeper into layers of suburban dysfunction, she comes to learn that, behind all the fake smiles, there is a subtle violence–rivaling even her crime-ridden streets of the Bronx.

With a killer on the loose, time running out, and a new partner who never recovered from his washed-up alcoholic days, the odds are stacked against Bella. She is determined, though, to save these girls, whatever the cost. Yet as she gets close, the depth of psychosis she discovers shocks even her….

My Thoughts:

This is the authors debut book and as debut’s go it’s very good.

The story flows really well with a couple of twists towards the end that I wasn’t expecting. Bella Defranco is a great character and I think the author has done a great job by letting us not find out to much about Bella so that I am looking forward to reading the second book in the series to learn more about her.

The book sees Bella having to work a case after a woman’s body has been found on a yacht. What Bella and her partner come across in their searches is not what you would expect in an ideal suburban location of rich and well to do locals.

This is a fast paced novel that had my attention from the first chapter and I look forward to reading more in the series.

The Forgotten Girls is currently still free to download on Amazon.

I have awarded this book 5/5 stars.

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