Top Books So far On By The Letter Book Reviews

I thought as my blog has been running for around 3 weeks I would do a quick round up of my favourite books so far.

So here goes, my top 3 favourite books that I have reviewed since starting bytheletterbookreviews:

Twisted By Andrew E. Kaufman a fabulous psychological thriller that totally messes with your mind.


Missing Gretyl By Si Page a lovely sweet, funny book that follows the escapades of Gretyl.


The Sound of Crickets By Marissa Farrar a wonderful book following the blogs of 4 very different women.


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2 thoughts on “Top Books So far On By The Letter Book Reviews”

  1. I can’t believe your blog is only 3 weeks old! It looks and feels so professional. Well done! I loved Twisted-one of my favourite reads so far this year.
    Have started my own blog but about to give up as have no idea idea what I am doing!


    1. Thank you so much Jo, means a lot to hear someone say that as believe me I have struggled as I’m not great on computers and there have been a few tears throughout! don’t give up, I was recommended a fantastic book called zero to blogger in 30 days by sarah arrow she also has a facebook page. its a great book and I’ve learned loads even though some parts I’m still struggling with but it just takes me a bit more time. good luck with it. x


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