Deity By Steven Dunne


Book Description:

A brilliant new serial killer thriller from a hugely talented British author to rival the best from Mark Billingham, Peter James and Peter Robinson. When four Derby College students are reported missing, few in Derby CID, least of all DI Damen Brook, pay much attention. But then a film on the internet is discovered purporting to show the students committing mass suicide. If it’s real, why did they kill themselves when they had such bright futures ahead of them? If the suicides are faked, why the set up and where are the students? And if they’re dead and have been murdered, who on earth could have planned such a bizarre and tragic end to their promising lives? Combining intricate forensics with meticulous detection and the warped psychology of a psychopath, DEITY is a serial killer thriller of the highest order to rival the very best of Mark Billingham, Peter James and Peter Robinson.

My Thoughts:

I actually got a signed copy of this book as I was the highest bidder in a charity auction. The reason I was more than happy to pay over what this book would have cost on Amazon (apart from the obvious of getting the author’s signature) is after reading the first two books in this series I knew it would be good and the author certainly didn’t disappoint.

Like I’ve just mentioned this is the third in the DI Damen Brook series but this book could easily be read as a stand alone, though I highly recommend you also read the first two.

This book sees DI Brook and his colleague Noble investigating the disappearance of four students. The author as usual takes us through a gripping read with quite a few twists and one that totally shocked me as really didn’t see it coming.

Steven Dunne does a great job of pulling you into his books and all the characters as usual are believable and all work so well in his books. I love the relationship between Brook and Noble and was pleased to see Brook having more of a relationship with his daughter Terri in this book. Cannot wait to read The Unquiet Grave the fourth in the series!

I have awarded this book 5/5 stars.

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