Night Terrors By Laura Treacy Bentley


Book Description:

NIGHT TERRORS—a short story prequel to the psychological thriller THE SILVER TATTOO—transports us back to 1970 when Conor was just 3 years old. A doctor assures Conor’s mother that the dreams that torment her son are harmless and short lived, but she’s not so sure. She worries that her only child, her perfectly normal son, may see beyond his years.

My Thoughts:

I won an ebook copy of this book in a giveaway in The Book Club, so many thanks to the club and the author.

As the book description says, this is the prequel to The Silver Tattoo.

It’s a short story about a 3 year old boy called Connor who has been having nightmares.

Understandably Connor’s parents are concerned and take him to the doctor’s as well as enlist the help of his teacher. The story draws you into it straight away and even though it is a short story I soon took to the main characters.

The book literally took me less than half an hour to read but got to say the author has done a wonderful job with this short story as I am now extremely intrigued to find out where the story goes in The Silver Tattoo.

I have awarded this book 5/5 stars.

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