Listening To Voices By Sara Macdonald


Book Description:

When Anna married Ian and became a mother to his daughter, Jessie, she knew she was taking a risk.

She was aware of his past: of his former wife, Hester, whose campaign of harassment had ended when she was sectioned.

But only when the menacing phone calls and vitriolic letters begin to come does Anna catch a chilling glimpse of Hester’s world…

A world where Anna is the enemy, the monster who stole Hester’s husband and child.

For Hester has quite forgotten the true facts.

Ian had wanted a normal life; he had had enough of intensity and darkness.

Yet, living with his small family in a beautiful house in Cornwall, he has not been happy.

Now, the drama he had secretly missed is back. Maybe he needs a reminder of the past, to show him how lucky he is.

Crazy, unpredictable and on the loose, they daren’t imagine what Hester would do if she could find them….

Where is she now?

And how long will it be before she comes to retrieve what she believes has been stolen from her by Anna?

‘Listening to Voices’ is a cleverly written crime thriller that will chill readers.

My Thought’s:

Listening to Voices is a very chilling read. It actually left goosebumps up my arms.

The storyline is really good and pulls you in from the start. The story is told by 3 different people, Anna, Ian and Hester. Ian and Hester have a daughter Jessie but due to Hester’s mental unstability the marriage broke down and Ian has now moved on and is now remarried to Anna. Unfortunately Ian, Anna and Jessie struggle to get on with their lives as Hester manages to find where ever they move to and constantly disrupts their lives with nuisance phone calls and turning up unexpected.

It’s quite weird as although I loved the story I wasn’t as keen on some of the characters. My favourites were Anna and her friend Alice, I think I liked them more as they brought warmth into the story. Ian and Hester left me with very mixed feelings. Ian just didn’t come across as a likeable person and Hester at times I felt sorry for her and at other times I couldn’t stand her for what she was doing to her family. Overall though it seemed to work for the story as it certainly made it more chilling.

Listening to Voices is the first book I have read by this author and I am looking forward to reading more of her work.

I have awarded this book 5/5 stars.


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