Rise Of The Enemy By Rob Sinclair


Book Description:

Everyone has a breaking point. Carl Logan might just have found his.

For the past 19 years, Agent Carl Logan has devoted his life to his work for the Joint Intelligence Agency; an intelligence agency controlled jointly by the USA and the UK. Policing, espionage and elite armed forces combined in one secretive and powerful network.

When the JIA sends Logan on a routine mission to Russia it should have been simple. But when his cover is blown, he’s transported into a world of hell he thought he would never see again.

Something is different this time, though, and before long doubts begin to surface in Logan’s mind as to why the assignment went so wrong. Logan has never been short of enemies. And sometimes the enemy is closer to home than you think.

Could his own people really have set him up? The odds are against him. But Logan isn’t a man who likes to be cornered. And when you poke a caged animal, you’d better be prepared for the consequences.

My Thought’s:

Rise of the Enemy is the second book in The Enemy series, Dance with the Enemy being the first.

I haven’t actually read Dance with the Enemy yet but after reading the prologue to Rise of the Enemy I certainly will be doing.

Rise of the Enemy can easily be read as a stand alone book though as I’ve already mentioned I think the prologue will leave you feeling very intrigued as to where it all began and why Carl Logan doesn’t trust anyone.

The book itself is very well written and I found it to be very chilling in parts.

Carl Logan works as an agent for the Joint Intelligence Agency and is sent on a mission to Russia. Unfortunately the mission doesn’t go to plan and Carl is taken prisoner and subjected to the most horrendous forms of torture.

The story itself flicks between Carl when he is being held prisoner and present day when he has managed to escape. I found the story held my attention throughout the book and was fast paced.

I would love to see this series being adapted for the big screen.

I look forward to reading more by Rob Sinclair.

Rise of the Enemy is due to be published on the 30 th of April.

Many thanks to clink Street Publishing and Netgalley for an Advanced Readers Copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I have awarded this book 4/5 stars.

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