Ben By Kerry Needham


Book Description:

In 1991 Kerry and her son Ben followed Kerry’s parents to live on the Greek island of Kos. On July 24th she was at work when her mum Christine arrived crying uncontrollably. Ben had been playing outside, and then disappeared. Someone had taken Ben. In her heartbreaking memoir, Kerry describes the agony of being initially suspected by the police, which meant the closure of airport and ferry terminals were delayed, the early sightings that raised their hopes, and the hoaxes which dashed them completely. And the unbearable pain of knowing her baby boy was alone somewhere without his mum. Back in the UK, the long years of waiting and hoping have been difficult on the whole family. Kerry has raised her daughter, Leighanna, while following up more than 300 leads. In 2011 they had a breakthrough when South Yorkshire Police agreed to work with the Greek authorities to reopen the case. The chance that Ben will read about himself and come home becomes more real every day. All of Kerry’s royalties from the sale of this book will go toward the Help Find Ben campaign.

My Thought’s:

Over the years I have always been intrigued every time Ben Needham’s name is mentioned in the papers or on the television. I have actually had this book awhile but its not the sort of book that you relish reading as you know as a parent what happened to the Needham family is every parents worst nightmare.

Ben by Kerry Needham gave me a lot more insight into what happened on that fateful day and also over the years what the family have been going through and the constant fight into keeping Ben’s name out there.

The book starts with Kerry’s background and her life as a child and growing up before then going through everything that happened on that horrendous day and the aftermath after it.

I’ve got to say I was shocked at how little help the Needham’s got from the local police and also off the British embassy to start with.

As to be expected with this book it is heartbreaking but I have to take off my hat to Kerry for how brutally honest she is throughout it. Obviously no one knows how they would cope at losing a child especially under the circumstances that Kerry lost her son and Kerry admits herself she didn’t cope well at times. It did annoy me reading how people and the media would judge her though.

After reading Ben I really do have a lot of admiration for Kerry and her mum and dad in particular. To go through losing someone so special they have never given up in their search for Ben and they certainly didn’t have all the backing and help that a more recent missing child’s family had, which is mentioned in the book. I’m so glad that certain people in the media and the South Yorkshire Police have really got behind the family and I do truly hope that one day the Needham’s get the answers they so rightfully deserve into what happened that awful day.

I have awarded this book 5/5 stars.

For more information on Ben and how you can help please click the link

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