The Prodigal Sister By Laura Elliott


Book Description:

Can a black sheep ever return to the flock? Find out in this emotionally intense tale from a spellbinding new Irish talent. Accompany the Lambert sisters on their unforgettable journey — fans of Anita Shreve and Rosie Thomas will be spellbound. When 15-year-old Cathy Lambert runs away from her Dublin home, she is scared and pregnant. Settled in New Zealand with her new son Conor she believes the secret she carries will never be revealed! Rebecca Lambert was eighteen when her parents died and she took responsibility for her younger sisters. Years later, she is haunted by fears she hoped she’d conquered. Freed from family duties, mother of three Julie Chambers is determined to recapture the dreams of her youth. Married to a possessive older man, Lauren Moran embarks on a frantic love affair that threatens to destabilise her fragile world. Anxious to make peace with her three sisters, Cathy invites them to her wedding. But as the women journey together through New Zealand towards their reunion, they are forced to confront the past as the secret shared histories of the Lambert sisters are revealed.

My Thought’s:

The Prodigal Sister is a gentle story of 4 sisters who had to grow up very quickly after losing their parents in a tragic accident.

The story starts off switching between letters that are written by the youngest sister Cathy to her dead parents and Rebecca the oldest sisters journal. This time in the sisters lives is a very hard time, growing up without the guidance of loving parents, the sisters all struggle to carry on with their lives whilst coming to terms with their loss. When Cathy reaches the age of 15 something happens in her life which could destroy her older sisters world, Cathy decides to run away with her secret thinking its best for everyone involved.

Years later Cathy gets in touch with her sisters to invite them to New Zealand where she is living for her wedding. The three sisters then embark on a road trip of discovery and sightseeing while on their way to see Cathy.

The author does a wonderful job in describing all the different places that the sisters travel to as I almost felt like I was on the very trip with them.

My favourite part of the book is the letters between Cathy and her parents, at times they are funny and sweet and at other times heartbreaking.

I liked all the sisters in the book though I felt more drawn to Cathy and Lauren in the story. Not having any sisters myself it was nice to see the relationship between the four women.

The Prodigal Sister is a heartwarming, emotional story which I think many readers will enjoy, another great read by Laura Elliott.

Many thanks to Bookouture and Netgalley for an Advanced Readers Copy in exchange for an honest review.

I have awarded this book 5/5 stars.

The Prodigal Sister by Laura Elliott is available to purchase now from and

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