Sail Upon The Land By Josa Young


Book Description:

The mysterious death of a young mother damages the precious, protective bonds of family love.

KATIE FFORDE: ‘A sweeping, multi-generational tale that will catch your heart.’

KIRKUS REVIEWS: ‘Young’s novel traces an English family over 80 years and four generations, focusing mainly on its women’s tangled experiences of family life… it effectively emphasizes the bonds, traps and pleasures of motherhood (and) Young shows a finely calibrated understanding of English class and gender differences, and has a good sense of time and place. A well-written historical novel that will entertain readers with its sharp, insightful observations.’

‘Josa Young writes with warmth and wisdom about the complexities of motherhood in this captivating tale of four generations of women that sweeps eighty years of English history. Her eye for period detail is masterly and her characters so vivid they dance from the page and into our hearts.’

What happens when two fractured families collide in the dynamic social landscape of the last eighty years?

Is the courage she displays during WWII enough to carry her through a long life of love and loss?

Living in her own fairytale, will she find the strength she needs to survive reality?

Rejecting her background when her stepmother makes life intolerable, can this driven young woman ever find her way home?

Who is she really, and will she deliver the one precious gift that will heal all their wounds?

My Thought’s:

This is the first book I have read by Josa Young and I certainly look forward to reading more.

Sail Upon The Land is a story that spans over 80 years following four generations of women.

The author has done a wonderful job with this book, it is beautifully written and the descriptions of some scenes make the reader feel that they are almost part of the story.

Sarah, Melissa, Damson and Mellita are women who most readers will be able to identify with. My favourite characters were Sarah and Damson as I loved the strength they portrayed in this story. Sail Upon The Land is a tale of tragedy, love, suffering and strength. It takes you on a journey over time, through different eras so the reader can see the mentality of people regarding certain issues which now a days is very common but in those days were very much frowned upon.

After the amount of thrillers I’ve been reading lately, Sail Upon The Land was a pleasant change in genre. This is one book I would certainly recommend to any friends and family and I will be adding the authors other book One Apple Tasted to my to read list.

Many thanks to the author for allowing me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I have awarded this book 4/5 stars.

Sail Upon The Land is available to purchase on and

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