Zero To Blogger In 30 Days! By Sarah Arrow


Book Description:

Have you thought about starting a blog for a hobby or for business, but have been put off by how hard it seems? UK Blogger, Sarah Arrow, was like that when she started. Can you imagine having someone walk you through how to set up your WordPress self-hosted blog, and then guide you on what to write to make it all come together for you?

Meet Sarah Arrow, she started blogging for business in late 2006, and organised her first 30 day blogging challenge in 2007. Over the years she’s met some very nice people (Tony Robbins, Karren Brady, Will Young and many other lovely people) all through the power of blogging.

She regular speaks on webinars and at events about blogging and growing your writing muscle. She believes that writing and publishing for 30 consecutive days will help you grow your writing muscle and give you the discipline to carry on blogging and get great results, in a very short amount of time (like 30 days).

Sarah’s blogs have been listed by Forbes three times as a top website, by MSN (top website), a top 5 business blog by Ebuzzing, syndicated by an international newspaper and many other accolades, making her the perfect person to walk your though how to blog and get the results you want.

This blogging guide comes with email support and a thriving Facebook where you can ask questions, share your content and be safe in the knowledge that other people are participating in the challenge too.

As the 30 day blogging challenge aspect is a rolling challenge you’ll find that you can join the group and find your tribe very quickly.

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Content includes:
*How to set up a WordPress self-hosted blog
*How to find and use WordPress plugins
*How to choose themes and frameworks
*How to debug faulty plugins
*What to write about on your business blog
*How to create your editorial calendar
*Blogging prompts so you’re never stuck for ideas
*How to revamp your about page and your contact pages for blogging success
*How to curate content and one little known tool that enables you to curate awesome posts, fast!
And, much, much more….

My Thought’s:

I came across this book as a recommendation from a fellow book club member when I mentioned that I was interested in doing my own blog.

It seems that Zero to Blogger in 30 Days! is one of the best kept secrets going! Everyone in the blogging community all seem to know about it.

As I was going to be setting up my own blog and being a complete novice when it comes to the blogging world I bought this book to work alongside setting it up.

Zero to Blogger in 30 Days! is great for total beginners as it goes through every process you need to know in setting up a blog, but the great thing with this book is you don’t need some masters degree to be able to understand it as it’s so simple to understand. Not only do you get an introduction to setting it all up there is also a 30 day challenge to complete to really push your knowledge and help you get the most out of your blog.

When you start the challenge there is a link so that you can register that you are doing the challenge so that you will also get your daily challenge sent to you by email. Not only do you have the book and the daily emails there is also a fantastic Facebook group created by the author called 30 Day Blogging Challenge where you post your daily challenge and can get help from fellow bloggers as well as the author. The great thing about this group is you get to see a vast range of blogs on all sorts of topics and businesses.

I for one started off this challenge very nervous and scared, and will admit to struggling with some of the challenges. By the end though I can’t believe how far I’ve come and some of the great things I’ve learned along the way. My proudest moment was the infographic challenge, which even though basic I am so proud that I could do it. There are some aspects of the challenge I will have to go back and cover as having a different challenge to do daily I needed more time to spend understanding what I needed to do. Overall though I have finished this book knowing a lot more than I did when I started out.

Zero To Blogger in 30 Days! is an absolute must read if your thinking about or even have a blog. It is the bible of all blogging books and can’t recommend it highly enough.

I have awarded this book 5/5 stars.

Zero To Blogger In 30 Days! is available to purchase from and

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