Snatched From Home by Graham Smith


Book Description:

Middle-class parents Victoria and Nicholas Foulkes are distraught when their children are kidnapped against Nicholas’ gambling debts. Penniless and desperate the couple turn to crime as a way to raise the ransom.

Hot on their heels is recently bereaved DI Harry Evans and his Major Crimes team. Evans is fighting against enforced retirement and his replacement – DI John Campbell – is foisted upon him along with other cases. If he must leave the police then he wants one last big case before he goes.

In a race against time Victoria and Nicholas must evade the police while continuing to add to the ransom fund. If they don’t pay up on time the kidnappers have threatened to amputate their children’s limbs with an oxy-acetylene torch.

Can they save their children before time runs out?

My Thought’s:

You know when a book is going to be good when by the end of the first chapter your already gripped, well Graham Smith managed to grab me by the end of the first paragraph. I don’t think I have ever been grabbed so quick that early on in a book before, ever!

Snatched From Home is the authors first full length novel, he has previously released a novella which is an introduction to the characters in this book, the novella is called The Major Crimes Team, I wouldn’t say it is imperative to read the novella first but as it’s a great read I certainly recommend it.

This story finds the team trying to catch the criminals behind a protection scam that threatens shop owners, while solving this and various other crimes, DI Harry Evans stumbles across a kidnapping of 2 children. The chapters with the two children I found especially chilling.

I have to say I absolutely loved the girl character, Samantha. To say the situation she is in she is such a strong character and the author did a wonderful job in the way he has written this story as the relationship between the brother and sister really tugs at the readers heart strings.

Graham Smith has delivered a brilliant crime thriller that has the reader hooked from beginning to end. Towards the end of the story it is quite fast paced and even though some of the content made for uncomfortable reading I couldn’t devour it quick enough.

Looking forward to the next book in the series.

I have awarded this book 5/5 stars.

Snatched From Home is available to purchase now from and

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