IA: Initiate By John Darryl Winston


Book Description:

IA: Initiate is a supernatural thriller set in the mean streets of America. A seemingly random act of gang violence sends “Naz” Andersen on a quest to find answers surrounding his dead parents that lead to a series of discoveries about his supernatural abilities. Naz tries to stay out of the way at his foster parent’s home, but he walks in his sleep, and he is unable to keep the fact that he hears voices from his therapist. He attempts to go unnoticed at school and in the streets of the Exclave, but attracts the attention of friends and bullies alike, and his efforts to protect his little sister make him the target of malicious bullying by the notorious street gang, Incubus Apostles. Naz is an ordinary thirteen-year-old, or so he thinks. He harbors a secret that even he is oblivious to, and a series of ill-fated events reveal to him telekinetic and telepathic abilities. Now he must navigate newly found friendship and gang violence, and face the full force of the world around him. The only way he can survive is to discover the supernatural world within.

My Thought’s: 

IA: Intiate is definitely a book aimed for the young adult market. Even as a more maturer adult I still enjoyed this book but I don’t think it will be to every adults cup of tea.

The story mainly focuses on Naz a thirteen year old boy, the story line is quite unlike anything else I have ever read. It does move about quite fast and i did struggle at times to keep up due to the nature of the story. It certainly is a supernatural thriller unlike any other but I do think it will appeal to a younger audience.

The writing is really quite beautiful in places and at times I found it to be quite poetic. I even came across this bit that i have added to my favourite quotes on Goodreads.

“A good friend once told me that true heros don’t stand in the sun with a symbol on their chest, cape flying in the breeze for all to see.” Fears proclaimed as he kept clapping. “No, they prefer to use the darkness … the shadows. They are unassuming, and they walk amongst us every day. Who are we?” he asked again, this time louder than before.”

I didn’t realise the quote is featured in the book trailer but I am so glad it is as I think it is wonderful.

I think this will give any readers a taste of what a treat they are in for while reading this book.

This is the authors first book and if the writing in this book is anything to go by I can see him going quite far in the writing world.

Thank you to the author for giving me a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I have awarded this book 3/5 stars.

IA: Initiate is available to purchase from Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com

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