Camera…Action…Murder! By Faith Mortimer

th (1)Book Description:

Diana Rivers hadn’t intended to visit England that summer but the invitation to take part in a film-shoot seemed too exciting an opportunity to miss. Life had been quiet for the last year or so and she looked forward to renewing old friendships and meeting a handful of well-known film stars.

The only fly in the ointment, was the venue. Years before, Diana had suffered a terrifying experience in Cheltenham, England – an encounter which she thought she’d resolved. Reassuring her partner, Steve that all was well and that dreadful episode was behind them, they went ahead and confirmed their acceptance.
Little did she know that the filming was only a minor part of the show about to be enacted. Once again, Diana is drawn into events which threaten to spiral out of control. When a beautiful young actress is accidently killed, Diana’s reaction is to turn to more sinister thoughts. Was it an accident or was it…murder?
A second body leaves everyone reeling and this time there is no doubt. A callous and vicious murderer or murderers are at large. Diana is fast embroiled in discovering the hard facts, not knowing that she is placing herself in great danger. Watch out Diana! You might be next…

My Thought’s:

Camera…Action…Murder! is the fourth book in the Diana Rivers series.

In this book Diana and her husband Steve get an invitation they can’t refuse to return to a film shoot in Cheltenham, England. Even though we miss out on the glorious sunshine and stunning scenery of Cyprus where Diana and Steve live the author still describes some fantastic views and places in this wonderful book.

Even if you haven’t read any of Faith’s books in this series you could easily read this one as a stand alone though the other three books are great so I highly recommend to read them also.

Camera…Action…Murder! to me is a mixture of Midsummer Murders and Murder She Wrote, rolled into one. We have Diana the writer and also amateur sleuth who aids the police in picturesque settings where murders seem to occur. Faith does a wonderful job in that as a reader I haven’t once guessed the murderer correct once up until Diana herself has worked it out.

For any lovers of murder, mystery and suspense books, Faith Mortimer’s Diana Rivers series is a must read. Faith really is the modern day Agatha Christie.


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