Childhunt By Faith Mortimer


Book Description:

Two weeks before Christmas. The villagers of Agios Mamas, in Cyprus, are preparing for the season’s festivities. Without warning, terror strikes the heart of the village.
Two small children disappear…without trace…the frantic search is on.
Who has been stalking the family for the last six years and knows their every move?
Why has this family been targeted? What is the kidnappers’ ultimate goal? Will local author and amateur sleuth, Diana Rivers and CID Police Chief Inspector, Adam Lovell, find the children in time?
Join Diana and her friends as they try to unravel the horrific nightmare which has hit the sleepy little village.

My Thought’s:

I love all of the Diana River series but have got to say that Childhunt which is the fifth book is definitely my personal favourite so far.

In this book ex pat Diana is back in Cyprus and getting ready for a lovely Christmas at home. Obviously in Diana’s world things are never peaceful for long.

Neighbours William and Debbie are a couple who like to keep themselves to themselves due to Debbie’s awful past, but when their two children, Charlie and Hannah go missing, Debbie’s past is very much in the limelight and the couple need to rely on the help of their good neighbours and their friends to help them get their children back before it’s to late.

I don’t know if it’s due to the story line but Childhunt was a very chilling read and was quite fast paced. I love Diana and her ever loving husband Steve and was great to see a couple of characters from the previous book. The friendship between Clare and Diana was great to read and it made Diana more easier to relate to in her thoughts and feelings.

Another great book in the series and looking forward to the next one.


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