Virtual Justice By M.A. Comley


Book Description:

P.I. Lorne Warner is back in Virtual Justice, the seventh installment in the Justice series.

The strangled body of a gorgeous woman draws Lorne into an intricate investigation that swiftly expands when a second beautiful innocent is murdered. Victims are being plucked from internet dating sites. A serial killer is on the loose. But when a third victim is discovered—this one male—Lorne is forced to admit her worst fears… she is on the trail of a serial killer duo.

Lorne’s personal life grows complicated as her sister, Jade, struggles to come to terms with their father’s death. Lorne suggests drastic measures to cure Jade’s grief.

The answers are out there, but will Lorne solve the crimes and find the killer before more victims die?

My Thought’s:

Seventh in the Lorne Simpkins series, Virtual Justice is yet another gripping read.

In Virtual Justice Lorne is asked to investigate the disappearance of a woman. A pattern soon emerges between murder victims and internet dating sites.

The author as usual takes us through a fast paced and gripping ride with one twist that I certainly did not see coming.

I loved the mother/daughter bonding going on between Lorne and Charlie. Having read all seven books in the series it’s been nice to see Charlie growing up and even though she has been through some tough times it is nice to see the thoughtful woman that she is becoming. Even though readers could easily read Virtual Justice as a stand alone I do think you will miss out on the bonds and relationships between some of the characters.

Another great book in a great series!


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