A Deadly Learning By Faith Mortimer

21455055 Book Description: When author and private investigator, Diana Rivers travels to Portugal for a holiday, murder is the last thing on her mind. On the first day of her visit, nothing bodes well at the International College of Portugal when a woman’s body is found interred behind a wall during renovation work. The striped plastic tape around the crime-scene portrays a sense of profound unease. What with students practicing sexual rituals in the sand dunes, a suspicion of a drug factory and money laundering plus a rash of killings, her plans for a quiet break go awry. Diana is in her element.

My Thought’s: A Deadly Learning is the sixth book in the Diana Rivers series. Diana certainly seems to get around a bit. In this book, her and her husband Steve go to Portugal to visit an old friend, as always murder and mayhem is never far away from where ever Diana is. Even if you haven’t read the other five books in the series, A Deadly Learning can easily be read as a stand alone novel. I don’t know if it’s just me but I personally feel that this series is getting a bit darker and definitely more thrilling with each new book. Faith manages to capture the readers attention right from the start and keeps their interest through out the whole book. It is certainly full of suspense and I have yet to figure out who the culprits are before Diana does. As usual we meet a mixture of new characters who are very intriguing, though have to admit I took an instant dislike to the very self assured Jake. The Diana Rivers series is a must for all lovers of murder, mystery and suspense. 256px-5-star-rating-logo-696680 A Deadly Learning is available from Amazon

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