Zero to Pinterest: Unleash the power of the pins By Sarah Arrow


Book Description:

Pinterest, the latest social media darling but is it right for your business?

In Zero to Pinterest you’ll learn if Pinterest is right for your business, how to make your website Pinterest friendly, how to create your boards and and board covers as well as how to create pins that drive traffic back to your website.

This kindle guide is packed with information on how to get the best from Pinterest and how to use it for your business including a tutorial on two free graphic design tools that will help you create unique and fresh pins for your audience and your business.

You’ll also love the resources page which shares all of our tools that we use to get results from Pinterest. This book also comes with worksheets that will help you put all you learn into action.

With about 28% of internet users on Pinterest in 2015, you can’t ignore this social media platform. Pinterest is a great way to promote your business online, no matter what you sell.

What makes Pinterest unique is its visual aspect. You create, organise, and manage your own boards with images that relate to your business. Although visual in nature, these “pins” can be videos, bits of text, infographics, or other things besides images. Any kind of content works, but it’s the presentation of the content that makes the difference. In this guide to Pinterest for Business Sarah & Kevin Arrow share all their pinning secrets, and the tools that created the infographic that’s been shared 19,000 times!

Download your copy of Zero to Pinterest today!

My Thought’s:

After doing the Zero to Blogger challenge I thought I would try the Zero to Pinterest challenge.

I am a complete novice at Pinterest and am quite new to it so I thought this would be a great opportunity to learn more about it.

I should warn people this book is a great tool if you have a business and are wanting more ways to promote yourself and your products. You may not find it as useful if your not a business. As my Pinterest account is not for business use but I am wanting it to tie along with my blog I just chose which challenges would be helpful to me.

As with Zero to Blogger, along with the book, which does have added information, if you sign up, you will also get a daily email telling you each day’s challenge, which is a great reminder.

At the beginning of the challenge I only had 9 followers and now at the end I am touching 90 and they are all by companies or people that have followed me first. Like I said I haven’t done all the challenges which if I had I would no doubt have even more and even now I am still getting people following me daily.

It has certainly helped me to understand more about Pinterest and how it works and I feel more confident in using it now but I probably would only recommend it to people that are wanting to use Pinterest for business use as they will find this book more beneficial.

I have awarded this book 4/5 stars.

Zero to Pinterest is available to purchase from Amazon

About Sarah Hardyhttps://bytheletterbookreviews.wordpress.comI'm Sarah, I'm self employed and in my spare time I love to read. Due to my love of reading I thought I would set up a blog to share with people my thoughts on the books i've read.

2 thoughts on “Zero to Pinterest: Unleash the power of the pins By Sarah Arrow

    • i know everyday im getting more followers, certainly wouldnt have been without the help of your book. Only had one pin that went a bit crazy with everyone repinning it, unfortunately it wasnt one to do with my blog but maybe one day lol x


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