#‎NewAuthorForMe‬ Challenge

In July, next month, I am going to be taking part in a challenge that a few other bloggers/readers are also doing which is to read more books by authors that you haven’t read before. It’s a very easy challenge to take part in. You don’t need to do anything apart from picking up a book by an author you haven’t read before. Obviously don’t forget to leave a review somewhere i.e Amazon, Goodreads, as well.

As anyone that know’s me and my blog, I am quite a quick reader so I have just selected a few books for now that I will definitely be reading next month.

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Would love to hear if your taking part and if so which books and authors you’ve chosen, so don’t forget to leave a comment.

Happy Reading


  1. Brilliant idea. Most of the books I’ve read since I started blogging are from new to me authors and I think it’s really good to read outside my comfort zone. I’d better take part in this so thanks for bringing it to my attention.


  2. Like Linda, a lot of authors are new to me since I started blogging. I will be reading books by Josa Young, Vanessa Matthews, Ali McNamara and Abby Clements over my holidays – all new!

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