Veronica COURTESAN By Siobhan Daiko


Book Description:

I watch him watching us, imagining how he would take me.
I send him the message with my eyes.
This is who I am.
I am Veronica Franco.
I court the cultural elite for fame and fortune, giving my body to many.
And I’m good. So very good. After all, I was taught by my mother, and mother always knows best.
How else to please the future King of France than with the imaginative use of Murano glass? How else to fulfil the desires of all yet keep my sense of self-worth?
But when disaster strikes and my life begins to unravel, I’ll have to ask myself one question:
Is it too late to give my heart to just one man?
Set in Venice 16th Century.
Advisory: sensuously erotic. 18+

My Thought’s:

Erotica is not a genre that I read very much of but after seeing a couple of other fellow readers give it good reviews I thought I would give this book a go.

I have read all 4 books of the Fifty Shades series and have got to say they are pretty tame compared to Veronica COURTESAN. You certainly don’t need to let your imagination do the work for you in this book as the author goes into great detail when it comes to the ‘action’ parts. Certainly leaves you feeling a bit hot under the collar as the saying goes.

The author has really done her research though as the story is set in the 16th century, we very much get the feel of what it was like to live in that era and how women are very much looked down on, so it was nice to see that even though Veronica who lives and works to put mens needs always before hers is very much a strong character.

Even though there is a fair bit of erotica in the story, the balance of the erotica and the story itself was pretty spot on and overall I found it a very enjoyable read. Would certainly read more books by the author but might have to wait until i’ve cooled down first!

I have awarded this book 4/5 stars.

Veroncia COURTESAN is available to purchase from Amazon

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