The Olive Branch By Jo Thomas


Book Description:

Escape to Italy with THE OLIVE BRANCH. The irresistibly romantic new novel from Jo Thomas, award-winning author of ebook runaway bestseller THE OYSTER CATCHER.

It’s amazing what you can buy online these days:
Fashion accessories
A crumbling Italian farmhouse…

After a Prosecco-fuelled girls’ night in gets out of hand, Ruthie Collins awakes to discover that she has bid for her dream Italian home online – and won. Recently out of a relationship, a new start is just what Ruthie needs. Anything is better than sleeping on her mum’s settee.

But arriving in Southern Italy, Ruthie doesn’t know the first thing about running an olive farm. And with new neighbours, the tempestuous Marco Bellanouvo and his fiery family to contend with, all Ruthie wants is to go back home.

Life can change with the click of a mouse. But all good things – friendship, romance, and even the olive harvest – take time to grow. Can Ruthie finally put the past to rest and find her own piece of the Dolce Vita along the way?

My Thought’s:

I have got to say I really loved this book. Just from the cover of the book which instantly drew me to it I knew this was going to be one I was going to enjoy and I certainly did.

After a break up and a night out, Ruthie Collins drunkenly bids on a lovely house in Italy on Ebay. Even though she knows what a big mistake she could be making, with her life in the UK not really going anywhere she decides to bite the bullet and move away.

The authors description of the house and the surrounding area nearly had me on a plane heading out to join Ruthie. Even the descriptions of the food literally had my mouth watering. I’m not even a lover of olives but after reading this book I was left with a craving for them.

The story just flowed so wonderfully and I was totally entranced with Ruthie, her new home and her new life.

Ruthie is a great character, she has such strength and certainly is not afraid of a bit of hard work. She really does have her work cut out with her new home ranging from problems with the neighbours and to start with an unwanted goat Daphne!

I really enjoyed reading the parts with Daphne the goat in. What a sweet and wonderful animal she is. I also loved the names that Ruthie gave her two chickens Kirsty and Phil.

The Olive Branch was an absolute joy to read, it was so easy to lose yourself in the story and after reading it I have now decided I want to be adopted by an Italian family. Any offers?

Many thanks to Bookbridgr and Headline Review for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review


The Olive Branch is available to purchase from Amazon

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