Hostile Justice By M.A. Comley


Book Description:

Enticed back to the police force, Lorne again teams up with Katy, her former partner. Things are no longer the same between them, though. Katy is now Lorne’s superior which could prove detrimental to their latest investigation.

The crime itself is perplexing: Four small boys discover the corpse of a woman in an abandoned warehouse. CCTV footage shows the woman was abducted in broad daylight by two hooded men. When questioned, the woman’s husband swears she had no known enemies and he thought she was on holiday at the time of her death.

During the investigation a personal problem unfolds for Lorne when her teenage, daughter, Charlie, attends a friend’s eighteenth birthday party – with dire consequences.

My Thought’s:

Hostile Justice is the 8th in the Lorne Simpkins series and yet another great book.

Not needing much persuasion,Lorne decides to go back into the police force. Not only does she have a disturbing case to solve for the police she also ends up involved in case that’s a bit to close to home for comfort through her teenage daughter Charlie and a party she attends.

As with all Mel’s books, Hostile Justice grips your attention from beginning to end and is pretty fast paced. She manage’s to deliver a brilliant story line in every book in this series and Hostile Justice is no different.

Even though I really enjoyed this book, due to Lorne being back in the police force I found that Hostile Justice felt different than the last couple of books in the series and it took me a bit longer to adjust to her change of career and her not being at home as much or involved with the kennels which I missed reading about. The crime and thrills are still a plenty though.

As always can’t wait to read the next one.

I have awarded this book 4/5 stars.

Hostile Justice is available to purchase from Amazon

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