My Kind Of Justice By Col Bury


Book Description:

Newly-appointed DI Jack Striker, of Greater Manchester Police’s Major Incident Team, has a dark secret, one that would land him in prison. Striker’s first case seems a straight-forward gang-on-gang slaying, until a notorious youth is found hanged. Before any chance to investigate, bodies begin stacking up. With the hot breath of the brass burning his neck, including hardfaced DCI Maria Cunningham who’s onto him, Striker knows this case will make or break him. The media-dubbed “Hoodie Hunter” mixes MO’s, leaving few leads, and Striker recognizes the work of a highly-skilled vigilante killer. When Striker’s nephew is put into a coma, it becomes personal. Desperate, he runs an unofficial op with his trusty colleagues, the stunning DC Lauren Collinge and the un-PC DC Eric Bardsley, placed in the line of fire.

My Thought’s:

My Kind Of Justice is certainly one action packed crime fiction book!

From the start I could tell it was going to be good and I certainly was not disappointed.

DI Jack Striker is a very interesting character. Growing up in a not so nice area of Manchester he has a past that he would rather be kept hidden, especially because of his career. Jack is a likeable character who like most crime book detectives has issues of his own to deal with.

Col Bury has created a storyline that is very believable and has the readers attention from start to finish. We certainly learn quite a bit about Jack and his background in this book which is great and I think it’s a brilliant starting point for an on going crime series.

If you like your crime fiction to be gritty, fast paced and action packed this is certainly the book for you!


My Kind Of Justice is available to purchase from Amazon

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