Miracle at Augusta By James Patterson & Peter de Jonge


Book Description:

An inspiring story of hope, redemption, and trying to hit the ball straight.

A year ago, Travis McKinley, an unknown golfing amateur, shocked the world by winning the PGA Senior Open at Pebble Beach. Now he’s famous, he makes his living playing the game he loves, and everything should be perfect. Still Travis can’t shake the feeling that he’s a fraud, an imposter who doesn’t deserve his success – and after a series of disappointments and, to be honest, personal screw-ups, he might just prove himself right.

A shot at redemption arrives in an unexpected form: a teenage outcast with troubles of his own – and a natural golf swing. As this unlikely duo sets out to achieve the impossible on the world’s most revered golf course, Travis is about to learn that sometimes the greatest miracles of all take place when no one is watching.

My Thought’s:

I am a huge fan of James Patterson’s books, I have read lots of them. I love his Alex Cross series as well as the Women’s Murder Club series and many of his stand alone books to.

Unfortunately Miracle at Augusta I didn’t love.

I’m not a fan of golf or any sport for that matter, reading the description of the story, obviously I knew that golf would be a leading factor in the book but I thought it would be nicely balanced within the story.

The first half of the book is just basically all about golf which I am sure that any golfing enthusiast will love but if like me you don’t care for the sport I do think it will bore you.

I did consider giving up but I have never not loved one of this authors books so I really wanted to give it every opportunity to redeem itself.

Half way through, the storyline does start to emerge more and even though golf is still very much present I found the second half a lot more enjoyable than the first.

The relationship between Travis McKinley and Jerzy was lovely to read and I enjoyed seeing their friendship blossom throughout the second half.

I think the story does carry a message but it does kind of lose itself through all the golf talk which is a shame as I think this book could have been so much better.

Overall an ok read that will probably appeal more to James Patterson fans that love golf!

Many thanks to Random House UK, Cornerstone and Netgalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I have awarded this book 3/5 stars.

Miracle at Augusta is available to purchase from Amazon

2 thoughts on “Miracle at Augusta By James Patterson & Peter de Jonge”

  1. I’ve gone off his books too of late – it feels a bit as if he’s run out of ideas and the plots are rather contrived. (Not keen on golf myself either so I don’t think I’ll read this one)


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