Nemesis – John Kane’s Revenge By Bill Carson


Book Description:

Nemesis crime thriller – John Kane’s Revenge.

Sequel to Necessary Evils.

This book is packed with action and intrigue as John Kane sets out to ‘put things right’ in his own inimitable fashion.
John Kane’s world has been destroyed by the deaths of two loved one’s and he is now hell bent on some payback, “I will bring their whole evil establishment down upon their shameful heads!” He proclaims. However he is not the only one out for revenge, and there are sinister dark forces at work who are determined to put an end to him once and for all.

My Thoughts:

Nemesis is the sequel to Necessary Evils and I would definitely recommend reading them in order to get the most enjoyment out of this series.

John Kane is back and appears to have hardened slightly to how he was in the first book. There is still very much the presence of justice but he seems to have hardened slightly through the circumstances that have occurred and the position he is currently in.

Ex copper Nick Harland is also back with his partner/girlfriend Anna who have now gone into the world of private investigators. I think the reader definitely gets to know Nick better in Nemesis than we did in Necessary Evils and I am starting to gel more with his character.

I really enjoyed the storyline through out the book which was certainly packed full of action and held my attention throughout. There is an unexpected twist which I really did not see coming that had me feeling a whole mixture of emotions but will not say any more than that as do not want to give to much away.

I am very intrigued after reading Nemesis as to what the next book entails, certainly a must read for lovers of crime thrillers.


Nemesis is available to purchase from Amazon

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