Life Or Death By Michael Robotham


Book Description:

Why would a man who has served a long prison sentence escape the day before he’s due to be released?

Audie was sentenced to 10 years for a robbery in which four people died, including two members of his gang. Five million dollars has never been recovered from the robbery, and everybody believes Audie knows where the money is.

For 10 years Audie has been beaten, stabbed, and threatened by inmates and guards, all desperate to know the secret. The day before he is due to be released, Audie suddenly vanishes.

The hunt for Audie, and the money, is on. But Audie’s not running to save his own life–instead, he’s trying to save someone else. In what promises to be his most popular thriller yet, Robotham has created the ultimate underdog hero, an honorable criminal shrouded in mystery and ready to lead readers on a remarkable chase.

My Thoughts:

Life Or Death is one of those stories that has such an interesting storyline that you can’t help but be compelled to read it. It felt a bit like the author was teasing me, slowly letting the events unfold. By the end I was on total tender hooks as the saying goes.

The author has created an array of characters through out this story, some likeable some not so likeable. Audie and fellow inmate, Moss, were definitely my favourite. Moss reminded me slightly of John Coffey the character in Stephen King’s, The Green Mile. He just had a certain gentleness about him that I found quite comforting. Audie is like a cat with nine lives, you can tell from the start he is a really nice guy and I was routing for him through out the story.

I will admit to being slightly frustrated as I certainly couldn’t work out for myself the reasoning of what was happening to Audie and had to wait for the author to reveal it all to me. There are certainly some twists in there that I wasn’t expecting and it made the wait all the more worth while.

This is the first book I have read by Michael Robotham and it certainly won’t be the last. I think anyone who enjoys crime thrillers or conspiracy thrillers will love Life Or Death.

Many thanks to Little, Brown Book Group UK and NetGalley for an Advanced Readers Copy of this book.

I have awarded this book 4/5 stars.

Life Or Death is available to purchase from the 16th of July as a paperback or the 29th of July for kindle from Amazon

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