Blood Bond By Alicia Ryan


Book Description:

Roxanna Collins thinks her life as a Vegas singer is going nowhere – until she’s dragged back in time by a Victorian vampire. While Darren tries to convince her they are the perfect match, Roxanna sets about turning a certain gentleman’s club on its ear, not to mention upending the straightened sensibilities of her handsome piano player. Darren lures her like a flame in the darkness, while Philip hides his light. Both of them speak to some deep part of her – must she choose or can she have them both?

My Thoughts:

Blood Bond is a cross between vampires and erotica. Vampires have always fascinated me and it’s something that certainly holds my interest. Erotica on the other hand even though I have read a couple of books on this genre and found them enjoyable it isn’t the sort of genre that I usually go for.

The erotic side to the storyline to be fair is quite tame and overall I think this book would appeal to not only adults but young adults also, though maybe from the age of 15/16 upwards.

The actual storyline was quite intriguing as we meet Roxanna in modern day America whose life is pretty dismal, that is until she wakes up and finds herself in London in Victorian times.

I would say the reader falls into a sense of thinking they know how the story is going to pan out but have got to say, there are certainly some parts to the story that you certainly won’t expect.

My favourite character surprisingly was not Roxanna or for that matter Darren the dark and alluring vampire, it was actually Phillip. I loved his vulnerability and his naiveness. He is such a sweet and loveable character.

I can imagine many readers may be like me and would easily dismiss this sort of genre of book but it actually made for an enjoyable read. I would say to give it a go as it may just surprise you as it certainly did me. I did find the parts where Roxanna is singing in the men’s club in Victorian times quite funny as would love to have seen the men’s faces as she sang songs like ‘It’s Raining Men’, I for one certainly found it entertaining.

Many thanks to the author for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I have awarded this book 3.5/5 stars.

Blood Bond is available to purchase from Amazon

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