Mother Knows Best By Netta Newbound


Book Description:

All her life twenty-two-year-old Ruby Fitzroy’s annoyingly over protective mother has believed the worst will befall one of her two daughters. Sick and tired of living in fear, Ruby arranges a date without her mother’s knowledge.

On first impressions, charming and sensitive Cody Strong seems perfect. When they visit his home overlooking the Welsh coast, she meets his delightful father Steve and brother Kyle. But it isn’t long before she discovers all is not as it seems.

After a shocking turn of events, Ruby’s world is blown apart. Terrified and desperate, she prepares to face her darkest hour yet.

Will she ever escape this nightmare?

My Thoughts:

After reading An Impossible Dilemma by the author I had to read more of her books and I’m so glad I did.

Having an over protective mother myself I can totally relate to Ruby in the story but what’s more frustrating is that in this instance her mother really does know best!

I really would not recommend reading this on a night if your not going to be able to finish it before you go to sleep.

Mother Knows Best is only a short novella but I started reading it last night and got to 50% which is actually further into the story than half way as it does finish at 85% then you get an introduction to the authors latest novel An Impossible Dilemma, which by the way is an amazing book.

As soon as you begin to read this book you just know what is going to happen and it really makes for an uncomfortable but compelling ride. I had to stop myself from shouting at my kindle trying to warn Ruby away from the danger that she was willingly walking into.

The story did not quite go how I expected it to though which made it even more exciting, the only thing I would say though is that the ending did feel slightly rushed which is a shame as overall it is a brilliant read.

The characters were certainly very interesting. Cody I disliked pretty much straight away, yet maybe more worryingly I did feel sorry for his dad Steve to start with. I really liked Kyle, Cody’s brother, he is certainly not what I was expecting and certainly made the story more appealing.

If you haven’t read any of this authors books I really can’t recommend highly enough that you do. She is pretty much the female version of Stephen King. Her books are really gripping reads that have you on the edge of your seat, she also manages to throw twists in there that you just don’t expect which makes them even more thrilling. Another great read.

I have awarded this book 4/5 stars.

Mother Knows Best is available to purchase from Amazon.


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