Gargoyle Pixie Dog By Bill Todd


Book Description:

When young homeless street artist Cat goes missing her rough sleeper friend Hooper asks private investigator Danny Lancaster to find her. But how do you trace someone with no address, job, credit cards, no social media – a woman who lives off the grid? Danny’s only clues are a faded chalk drawing on a pavement and a lost dog. But an angry man is losing control. A frightened man is running for a train. Then an early morning walker finds a girl’s body on the beach. The clock is ticking as Danny hunts the Gargoyle.
PLUS six short stories:
THE CUCKOLDS CALLING: When Rebekah Court suspects husband Richard is cheating she hires Danny Lancaster. But the private investigator is out on a limb when infidelity weaves a tangled web.
SELFIE: A schoolgirl’s trust is abused when she reluctantly poses for her boyfriend’s intimate photos. Gemma is self-harming, bullied at school, terrified of what her parents and teachers will say. Her best friend Ashley’s last hope is Danny Lancaster.
THE HOODIED MAN: Student Sophie Medcalf was on the threshold of a new life when she was brutally murdered. The bloody unsolved killing drives her boyfriend Simon to the edge. Danny Lancaster tries to stop him jumping.
THE GERMANS CAN’T KILL ME: Melody Hamilton cannot accept that the sudden death of her sick and elderly father Lloyd, a war hero and talented artist, was an accident. Danny Lancaster must find out who might benefit from Lloyd’s passing.
INSIDE JOB: Models and fashionistas at a catwalk show are locked in and deprived of their mobiles until Danny Lancaster can find out which one is hiding the Duchess of Brighton.
SUDDEN DEATH: Aging gang boss Big Eddie Archer summons Danny Lancaster when someone starts murdering pals from his criminal past. Danny must hunt down the man behind this vicious vendetta before the body count gets out of control.

My Thoughts:

Gargoyle Pixie Dog is a book made up of short stories that are cases of  private investigator Danny Lancaster.

There is actually a series of Danny Lancaster books but don’t let this put you off buying this one if, like me, you haven’t read the rest of the books as this is easily read as a stand alone novel.

It would take me to long to give a brief review for each story so I won’t, but what I will say is that every story has a different style of crime for Danny to investigate. My personal favourite two are Gargoyle Pixie Dog as this is the longest story in the book and through this one the reader really gets a feel for Danny and how he works and who he is. Plus it is a very intriguing story line. My second favourite has to be The Cuckolds Calling which the least said about that one the better as it is a cracker of a story with a very surprising turn of events.

Overall this is a really enjoyable read. Danny is a great character and I love the working relationship between him and Wanda. It certainly left me very intrigued to find out more about these two characters and how they came to be where they are.

I would like to thank the author for giving me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I have awarded this book 4/5 stars.

Gargoyle Pixie Dog is due to be published on the 24th of July, to pre order a copy please go to Amazon


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