Scandalous Lies By Nigel May


Book Description:

Move over Jackie Collins, there’s a new blockbuster star in town.’ New! Magazine

Lovers and liars, divas and sinners, welcome to a world of scandal, where one woman will pay the ultimate price.

SUSPENSE: Georgia’s best friend, ballroom dancing sensation Mitzi, has vanished with boyfriend Foster while on holiday in California. Can Georgia get to the truth of their disappearance before it’s too late?

SECRETS: Reality TV star Nova could give the Kardashians a run for their money. But while she allows millions of viewers into her fabulous home, she’s unaware what her husband, celebrity mogul Jacob, is up to behind closed doors …

SEX: Tanya is filthy rich, married to a man who adores her but she is restless. And her sexual appetite is about to get her into a whole lot of trouble.

SCANDAL: Victoria, once the trophy-wife, has lost her mojo. Determined to get her life and marriage back on track, she’s desperate to inject some excitement in her life – but at what cost?

From the glitz of Hollywood to the glamour of Milan and the exotic luxury of India, Scandalous Lies is a deliciously unputdownable read.

My Thoughts:

This is the first book I have read by this author, I have to say the covers for his books are all fabulous. They really are striking, so much so that you can’t help but be drawn to them.

I have actually been hearing quite a bit about the author and have noticed he has been likened to authors such as Jilly Cooper but mainly the wonderful Jackie Collins. After reading Scandalous Lies you can see why.

If you love books by these other authors you are going to love this book. It has sex, glamour by the bucket loads, wealth, murder, mystery and suspense.

So I hear you asking yourself if it is that great why is she only giving it three stars? Twenty years ago I was a big fan of Jilly and Jackie’s books and I think if I had read this book then I would easily have given it the full five stars. Unfortunately my tastes in books have changed since then. Mainly reading crime, thrillers, non fiction and the odd chick lit thrown in, I just didn’t enjoy this book as much as I would have done back then.

It certainly is a great book to lose yourself to when your on that sun lounger baking in the sun and I know it will be a big hit with lovers of this particular genre. Sadly for me I just did not find it as appealing as I once would have done.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Bookouture for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I have awarded this book 3/5 stars.

Scandalous Lies is available to purchase from Amazon

3 thoughts on “Scandalous Lies By Nigel May”

    1. its annoying that years ago i would have loved it but the characters just didnt appeal to me and after reading alot of the crime and thriller books that i do now the whole storyline and plot was very weak. there is absolutely nothing wrong with the book apart from my tastes changing and think i will probably on my own with my thoughts lol.

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