Black Ops (Dan Shepherd #12) By Stephen Leather


Book Description:

WHO CAN YOU TRUST IF YOU CAN’T TRUST YOURSELF? Spider Shepherd’s MI5 Controller, Charlie Button, has gone rogue, using government resources to get revenge on the men who killed her husband. Spider is told to betray her. Worse, he’s asked to cooperate with his nemesis at MI6, Jeremy Willoughby Brown, in taking Charlie down. And he will have to cross the assassin, Lex Harper, currently on the trail of two Irish terrorists, who may be able to lead him to his ex-boss. Meanwhile, Spider’s sixteen-year-old son is caught with drugs, expelled from school and threatened with prosecution. But the drug police offer Spider a deal: go undercover, unmask a local dealer and his son will go free. Spider has no option but to cooperate. But is he any better than Charlie, using work resources to resolve personal issues? There’s little time to debate because another high profile mission is about to engulf him. President Vladimir Putin is about to visit the UK and a father who lost his son on the downed Malaysian plane over the Ukraine holds Putin directly responsible for his death and wants revenge. Along with everything else, it’s down to Spider to stop the assassination of a head of state on British soil.

My Thoughts:

My brother actually introduced me to Stephen Leathers books only last year and in just over a year lets just say I have happily read my way through the majority of his books. So I guess you could say I am a bit of a fan.

After finishing the wonderful Jack Nightingale series which is the books I started off with, I was wondering which other of Stephen Leathers books I should try, which if you know this author there is quite a few to choose from. I finally decided on the Dan ‘Spider’ Shepherd series.

Black Ops is the twelfth book in the series. To be honest even if you have never read any in this series you can still easily read this as a stand alone but I will say that as it is a great series I think that after reading this one you will want to read the rest.

Yet again Stephen Leather delivers everything that I have become to expect from his books and he never lets me down. He has created yet another brilliant story line which actually had some surprises in there that I was not expecting.

Dan really has his work cut out for him in this book. Not only is he torn with his loyalties to the wonderfully strong Charlotte Button he also has to deal with Liam his son after being expelled due to drugs.

Black Ops is a gripping read that is full of action but yet more thought provoking than others in the series. Dan is a great character who appeals as much to men as women and is a genuinely good guy. He’s almost like a rugged version of James Bond but is better behaved!

This is a great series of books that young adults to adults will love and an author that I would highly recommend to anyone.

Many thanks to Hodder & Stoughton and Bookbridgr for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


Black Ops is available to purchase from Amazon

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