Tortured Justice (A Lorne Simpkins Thriller, #9) By M.A. Comley


Book Description:

Revenge… some cups spilleth over.

DS Lorne Warner and DI Katy Foster are investigating the murder of a man killed with an unusual weapon. The case takes a turn when two brothers disappear within the vicinity of the murder.

Lorne and Katy quickly determine that they may be after a group of serial killers out for their own sort of justice.

My Thoughts:

Tortured Justice is the ninth book in the Lorne Simpkins series and boy what a book!

The author has really excelled herself this time with the storyline for this book. I absolutely loved it!

With two crimes very different to each other, Lorne as usual has her work cut out for. One crime being the abuse of poor Onyx and her pups that she has rescued, which Lorne makes it her mission to find the monster who has treated the dog so badly. There is also something very wrong in her work life when a dead man turns up who is killed with an unusual object, then another two men disappear which leave Lorne and Katy at a bit of a loss as to who and why these crimes are being carried out.

As usual the author has created another gripping story that just goes by to quick as I know once I have picked it up I am unable to put it down until I finish it.

I love the usual characters in the series as they feel very much like my family over the nine books now that I have read. I have to say I especially love Carol and I am sure that while she is around, life will certainly be interesting.

Another great read in the series!


Tortured Justice is available to purchase from Amazon

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