Dance With The Enemy By Rob Sinclair


Book Description:

Carl Logan was the perfect agent. A loner, with no real friends or family, he was trained to deal with any situation with cold efficiency, devoid of emotion. But Logan isn’t the man he used to be, or the asset he once was. Five months ago his life changed forever when he was captured, tortured and left for dead by Youssef Selim, one of the world’s most violent terrorists. When Selim mysteriously reappears in Paris, linked to the kidnapping of America’s Attorney General, Logan smells his chance for revenge. Pursuing his man relentlessly, oblivious to the growing trail of destruction that he leaves in his wake, Logan delves increasingly deep into the web of lies and deceit surrounding the kidnapping. Finally, he comes to learn just what it means to Dance with the Enemy.

My Thoughts:

I actually read Rise of the Enemy which is the second in The Enemy series first. After reading Rise of the Enemy I had to read Dance with the Enemy to see where it all started for agent Carl Logan.

Carl Logan after having a hard childhood gladly welcomes the world of being an agent. Obviously being an agent has its downsides which Carl discovered when he suffered at the hands of Youssef Selim. Months later he is on a mission to save Modena but discovers that his arch enemy is also in the area and maybe linked with the kidnapping and Carl wants revenge.

Dance with the Enemy is certainly full of action and have to admit to feeling slightly sick whilst reading some of the parts describing the torture to one of the characters. It certainly is quite a dark yet thrilling read.

Carl Logan has his issues but yet he manages to stay strong, through agent Grainger we get to see the more vulnerable side to Carl which was enjoyable to read.

The author has created a character who is a force to be reckoned with and would certainly recommend to anyone who likes conspiracy and spy thrillers.

I have awarded this book 4/5 stars.

Dance with the Enemy is available to purchase from Amazon


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