Sleep Peacefully By N C Marshall


Book Description:

Nat and Jess were the closest of sisters and told each other everything…

When Jess dies in a sudden and tragic accident, Nat is left heartbroken by her sister’s untimely death. Haunted by a recurring dream, Nat suffers from endless restless nights. The dreams show vivid images of the events leading up to Jess’s final moments, on the night she passed away.

As the dreams start to progress, it soon becomes apparent that Jess’s death was more than just an accident and Nat is forced to delve into her sister’s past. She focus’s on a year Jess spent travelling in Australia when she was younger, turning her attention to the places she visited and the people that she met there. Nat soon discovers that Jess held a secret, which she had kept hidden until the day she died. Could this secret be linked to her death?

As the past unravels and Nat is lead closer to the truth, she starts to wonder how many other secrets Jess had kept from her, and questions if she ever really knew her sister at all…

My Thoughts:

Sleep Peacefully is the authors first self published book and I have to say I am quite impressed.

The story is very much a psychological thriller yet it isn’t fast paced. The author gently takes us through the story slowly unravelling little snippets of information so that the reader is pretty much hooked as they want to find out more. It does pick up pace towards the end where there are a few twists which I was not expecting.

I actually really enjoyed Sleep Peacefully, I read a lot of fast paced thrillers of all varieties and this was a great read that though not fast paced I still could not put down.

Nat (Natalie) is a great character who though tragically has lost her father then more recently her sister Jess, she seems to have the perfect life. Well to be fair her life is perfect if it wasn’t for the dreams of her sister that keep persisting which leaves Nat thinking that there is more to the death of her younger sister than she was led to believe.

Sleep Peacefully does make you question if you really know the people that we love as well as we think we do. There is very much a sense of family though in the book. The bond between Nat and her mum and brother really stands out in the story and I really enjoyed reading about them.

For anyone who loves psychological thrillers from a more relaxed approach will love this book. I have to say it certainly surprised me and I think this author is one to certainly watch out for.

Many thanks to the author for allowing me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


Sleep Peacefully is available to purchase from Amazon.

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