Rough Justice (Justice series Book 10) By M. A. Comley


Book Description:

After two detectives are suspended, the Met is forced to return to all the cases the partners investigated. The cold case of a missing university student, Noelle Chesterfield lands on DS Lorne Warner’s desk.

Because Noelle was working her way through school as a pole dancer, Lorne and her partner DI Katy Foster find themselves with plenty of suspects on their radar. However, when the leads run dry, they call in the services of an unusual ally to find the missing student and give her devastated family some peace.

My Thoughts:

Rough Justice is the tenth book in the Justice Series.

I actually found Rough Justice to be quite different to the others in the series. In this book Lorne and Katy are given a cold case for a missing person. They have to re open the case and go back over old evidence in the hope that they can solve the case and give some much needed answers to the missing persons family.

Lorne and Katy get quite a bit of help with this case from Carol, the psychic who is Lorne’s friend who also helps run Lorne’s kennels alongside Lorne’s daughter Charlie. Through the story and Carol I actually was as concerned for Noelle the missing person as much as the police and the parents were. You could really feel the parents heartache and anxiety with not knowing what had happened to their daughter.

I think because it was a cold case the pace in this book was not as fast as the others in the series but I still very much enjoyed it. The author seems to manage to come up with a subject matter that is so different in every book and I think personally this is what makes this series so good and exciting.

There are certainly not many crime books that make me cry but I have to admit the ending to Rough Justice had me shedding big fat tears. You will have to read the story for yourself to see if they are tears of joy or sadness.


Rough Justice is available to purchase from Amazon

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