The Lies We Tell By Meg Carter


Book Description:

Can we ever escape our past?

The last time Katy saw Jude was on a school trip, when Jude was attacked by a stranger and Katy ran away. Twenty years later, Jude is back, and her reappearance coincides with a series of unsettling incidents: a stranger appears in the downstairs flat; one night Katy’s house is vandalised; her mother is mugged and her home ransacked. And Jude seems to know an uncomfortable amount about Katy’s current life…

For fans of Gone Girl and Girl on the Train, THE LIES WE TELL is an addictive, complex and completely gripping psychological thriller in which present and past intertwine to devastating effect. Forced to revisit the same rocky waters of friendship and power they inhabited when they were fifteen, as the story reaches its explosive climax, Jude and Katy realise that when it comes to memory, truth and family – nothing and no-one are what they seem.

My Thoughts:

The Lies We Tell is the authors debut novel.

I was very intrigued by this book after reading the title as well as the blurb. The author has written a story that is full of lies and deceit.

To be honest it did take me slightly longer than usual to get into the story but overall it is a steady read which certainly picks up pace towards the end.

The story flicks between present day and to the past when Katy and Jude were at school and still friends. It is very obvious from the start that what happened one night changed the girls friendship forever and as the story goes a long I have to admit that I had already worked out parts of what had happened but will admit there was one twist that I really didn’t see coming which was a bit of a jaw dropping moment.

Katy in present day seems to pretty much have her life together, she has a good job and has Michael in her life and everything is going great. Then Jude turns up who all I can say is think Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction and you won’t be far wrong.

Again, straight from the start, Jude in present day you can tell there is something really not right with her. She seems hell bent on ruining Katy and her families life and it is certainly intriguing trying to find out why.

Overall The Lies We Tell is an enjoyable read, it didn’t grip me as much as I hoped it would but as a debut novel it is still good and I would certainly read more books in the future by the author.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Canelo for an Advanced Readers Copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I have awarded this book 3.5/5 stars.

The Lies We Tell is due to be published on the 17th of August, you can preorder a copy from Amazon

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