Holiday Reads 2015

For anyone that has missed my reviews over the last 2 weeks I have been away on holiday and unable to post anything. For anyone who knows me I can read a book quite quickly and being on holiday without day to day life getting in the way I got through quite a few books. My intention was that I would take a note pad and pen and make notes whilst away and then post full reviews on my return. 


As with most things it seemed a good idea before going but when there I will admit to being lazy and was to much effort to concentrate on making any notes, so apologies to my followers and the authors who books I read. I have still left a brief review on Goodreads and Amazon UK & US for authors and I thought I would do a blog post letting you know what books I have read with the star rating I have given it just incase you need any inspiration for holiday reads for yourself.

So here goes, a list of all the books I read on my holiday, if you click on the book title it will take you to Amazon UK for anyone wanting to see the blurb or any other information:

The Curvy Girls Club By Michele Gorman (4 stars)

Nineteen Minutes By Jodie Picoult (3 stars)

The Doll By J C Martin (4 stars) (short story)

The Swimmer By Joakim Zander (3 stars)

The Highway By C J Box (4 stars)

Dubious Justice By M A Comley (5 stars)

The Seeds Of Time Book 1 of The Crossing By Faith Mortimer (4 stars)

I know Who Did it By Stephen Leather (4 stars) (short story)

Harvest (The Crossing 2) By Faith Mortimer (4 stars)

Shit Happens By Eileen Wharton (5 stars)

From The Cradle By Louise Voss & Mark Edwards (5 stars)

Slow Burn By Conrad Jones (5 stars)

Normal By Graeme Cameron (4 stars)

Criminally Insane By Conrad Jones (5 stars)

Hope it gives you some inspiration if not feel free to have a look at previous books I have reviewed, I am pretty certain there will be something for everyones tastes.


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