Calculated Justice (Justice series Book 12) By M A Comley


Book Description:

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author M A Comley presents the TWELFTH book in the Lorne Simpkins Justice series.
The Justice series in order are:
Cruel Justice #1 in Police Procedurals and 1# Women Sleuths.  FREE

Impeding Justice #1 in Police Procedurals only 99p/99c 
Final justice #1 Action and Adventure 
Foul Justice #1 Hard-Boiled Mysteries 
Guaranteed Justice #1 Women Sleuths 
Ultimate Justice – #2 Women Sleuths 
Virtual Justice – #1 Hard Boiled/#2 Psychological Thrillers
Hostile Justice – #1 Police Procedural
Tortured Justice – #1 Vigilante Justice
Rough Justice – #1 Women Sleuths
Dubious Justice – #1 British Detectives
Calculated Justice – Pre-order now available.
Blind Justice – introduction novella to the series.
A fast-paced, often chilling case for Lorne and her team to try and solve.
Let the chase begin… 
Lorne Warner, newly reinstated as Inspector again, is confronted with one of her worst cases to date. She knows who kidnapped the Warburton family–their kidnapper contacted her himself. But he forces Lorne and her team into a game of cat and mouse that leads them on a chase across London.

As each clue brings Lorne closer to finding the family, she realises that saving the lives of the Warburtons might mean sacrificing her own.

My Thoughts:

Calculated Justice is the twelfth book in the Justice series.

Well what can I say about Calculated Justice apart from how much I loved it!

The author seems to have totally stripped back from other elements in Lorne’s life and has concentrated fully on a crime thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat.

After a mother and a young child have disappeared, Lorne and Katy set off to investigate. What follows is a fast paced story that sees Lorne being sent on some wild goose chase all over London. Time is very much not on Lornes side as she frantically tries to find the mothers and children that have been abducted before any harm comes to them.

A few other readers have stated that this is the best Justice book to date and do you know what? I kind of agree! Calculated Justice reminded me very much of the first few books in the series where the story is very much about Lornes working life. We once again see Lorne doing what she does best, solving crimes whilst under extreme pressures. She isn’t some hardened cop, as though she doesn’t take any c**p there is very much a caring side which comes out with the people she works closest to.

Fans new and old will love this latest book in the series and as always it will leave you wanting more. If you haven’t had the pleasure of reading this series yet you don’t know what a treat your in for.

Calculated Justice is out now and available to purchase from Amazon

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