Tindog Tacloban: Rise Up Tacloban By Claire Morley


Book Description:

The author’s experience as a volunteer following the devastating effects of Typhoon Yolanda on Tacloban has inspired this gripping tale of tragedy, love and desperation. A stunning debut! ā€“ Peter Lock

This is a thrilling read, inspired by the author’s experiences gained when she was a volunteer after the typhoon hit. A must read novel from this exciting new author. It is November 2013 and Typhoon Yolanda, the strongest tropical cyclone ever recorded, has just struck Tacloban in the Philippines. A local family is caught up in the devastating aftermath and has to fight for survival. One of the surviving daughters, 11 year old Lika Faye, is abducted by child traffickers and dragged into the sleazy world of webcam sex and worse. Will her family be able to save the child from a terrible end? ā€“ Marc Moss

In the aftermath of the fiercest typhoon on record to hit land, banners bearing the words Tindog Tacloban started to appear all over the city. Meaning Rise Up Tacloban, they were a testament to the determination and resilience of the Filipino people as they tried to rebuild their shattered lives.
For many, things would never be the same:
Izel Sombilon watched in horror as two of his children were ripped from his arms and swept away by the huge storm waves
Eleven year old Lika Faye was plunged into the sordid underworld of Webcam Child Sex Tourism.
For Helen Gable volunteering in the typhoon ravaged area was a chance for her to come to terms with her own personal tragedy.

My Thoughts:

As the blurb says Tindog Tacloban was a story that was inspired when the author went out to the Philippines after Typhoon Yolanda devastated the area.

Through this story the author brings to the reader the sense of loss and devastation that the people in the Philippines must have felt when this tragedy occurred.

I will have to admit to being deeply moved by Tindog Tacloban and found quite a lot of the story to be very emotional. Even though it is a work of fiction, Izel and Lika Faye’s story is unfortunately something that could and probably has happened to lots of the families in that country. It really brings home just some of the tragedies and the most awful crimes that can occur due to evil scum that take advantage of these opportunities and how lucky some of us are.

As a parent or anyone with a heart, Tindog Tacloban will certainly pull at your heart strings. We meet Helen who after a personal tragedy in her own life, decides to leave England and her past behind her to try and move on with her life and give herself something to live for. She volunteers her help to a small charity that is about to fly out to the Philippines to give aid to the people there. Helen is such a brave character who decides to channel her grief into something positive and even though I know she is a fictional character she brings a certain amount of hope to the reader as well as the other characters in the book.

Even though both Lika Faye’s parents both survive Typhoon Yolanda, it was interesting to read the story through Izel, the fathers perspective. Reading how his daughter and son were ripped from his arms and swept away was just heart breaking. As a parent we should be able to protect our children and through Izel the author just brought home every emotion that he was going through. Through Izel though, he made me realise we should never give up hope regardless of how things can be stacked against us.

You would have thought being ripped away from your father and swept away would be traumatic enough for an 11 year old girl but for Lika Faye it is only just the start of her nightmare. Not knowing whether her family are alive or dead she is taken into the awful world of Webcam Child Sex Tourism and through her we get to see the atrocities that young children of her age and sadly any age should never have to see never mind go through.

Tindog Tacloban certainly doesn’t hold any punches. Yes it is emotional and very moving but the author made what happened that day and the aftermath very real for me and gave me an insight into what it must have been like for the people and families involved. It is a story that will certainly stay with me for a long time and one that certainly should be read.

Many thanks to the author for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


Tindog Tacloban is available to purchase from Amazon

3 thoughts on “Tindog Tacloban: Rise Up Tacloban By Claire Morley”

  1. An atmospheric story of tragedy and loss, the author leafs us swiftly into the lives of Lika Faye and her family and we learn that not only do the victims of natural disasters have to cope with the aftermath but that human predators are quick to seize opportunities to feed on their vulnerability. A good pacy novel that doesn’t fail to keep hope alive.

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