Hellbound: The Tally Man By David McCaffrey


Book Description:

His crimes – unforgivable. His death – inevitable. His suffering – just beginning.

Obadiah Stark aka The Tally Man, is executed at ADX Absolom, his death sentence watched by the world’s media, victim relatives and one investigative reporter, Joe O Connell. Penning an account of Stark’s personal history and subsequent crimes in the hope of determining what elements make the sociopathic mind tick, Joe discovers clues and inconsistencies which cause him to investigate Stark’s execution.

While this is happening in the real world, Obadiah Stark awakens to an afterlife where he has a wife and daughter bound to his childhood hometown. Following his natural predatory instinct, Obadiah proceeds to torment the town, committing multiple murders before being gunned down by the police. He awakens to find that everything has reset, with no one recalling his murderous spree a reality which offers no escape. As the scenes repeat, he is forced to submit to emotions he has never experienced before… and with it, a poisonous dose of morality.

My Thoughts:

Hellbound is an extremely dark, warped and twisted read.

Even after reading the blurb to this book I did not expect the chilling ride this story would take me on.

The story flicks between three people, Obadiah Stark himself, Joe a reporter who has become quite obsessed with Obadiah and Dr John Franklin who assessed Obadiah and his part in the book is through his reports.

Hellbound mainly being about a serial murderer there is some quite chilling and gruesome parts in this book yet it did not turn me off, it dragged me even further into the hell that Obadiah has found himself in.

This story really is worth reading, it is a brilliant book that you lose yourself to and has you feeling a mixture of emotions that I really was not expecting to feel. Joe is very much everything you would expect from a good reporter, he is very inquisitive and goes very much with his gut feelings. Obadiah is a character that I really should hate yet by the end I had very mixed emotions. I have no idea whether I was supposed to or not but by the end there was definitely some empathy towards to him.

This is the first book I have read by this author and after reading Hellbound it certainly will not be the last.


Hellbound is available to purchase from Amazon

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