What A Load Of Rubbish By Martin Etheridge


Book Description:

Malcolm Tilsley is a street cleaner. He is well educated and smart and clean. And being a street cleaner is all he ever wanted to be. Street cleaning is a family tradition, it’s in his blood, and he wants to be the best there has been. Willy Eckerslike, Managing Director of Suburbiaville Newtown council has different ideas and wants to replace Malcolm with a fantastic vehicle called the “All-in-One-Der”. Manned by Rubbish Robots, the mobile wheelie-bins equipped with mechanical arms and different attachments are faster, more efficient and cheaper than humans. It makes Malcolm redundant. What A Load of Rubbish is a brilliant mix of social theory, human spirit and classical heroism that culminates in a battle between man and machine.

My Thoughts:

What A Load Of Rubbish is a story that can be enjoyed from young adult age and upwards.

This is the story of Malcolm and his fight against modern technology and with it the loss of his job.

Malcolm is a wonderful character, there is a long list of street cleaners in his family history and he is very proud to carry on in the family tradition. This is a man who takes immense pride in himself and his work. When he finds out he is to lose his job and to be replaced by a machine, Malcolm is devastated and rightly so.

Malcolm really does lose his way at first and sinks into a deep depression but with the help of Gisele, his slightly cuckoo girlfriend, he picks himself back up, dusts himself down and stands up and fights for what he believes in.

Sadly this is a story that is all to common over the years and has seen many a proud man/woman become a former shadow of themselves so it is great to read of  someone giving technology a run for its money for a change.

What A Load Of Rubbish is an enjoyable read that very much resembles David and Goliath. The story will have the reader cheering in the sidelines for the very brave Malcolm and by the end jumping up and down, but you will have to read this book for yourself to see if its in joy or in temper!

Many thanks to Kate Appleton and the author for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I have awarded this book 3.5/5 stars.

What A Load Of Rubbish is due to be published in paperback on the 29th of September but is available for kindle now from Amazon

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