Definitions By Clare Coombes


Book Description:

When someone is missing and all you have are their words…

The sudden disappearance of Charley Ellison’s sister leaves too many unanswered questions. With no close family, and the police showing little interest, Charley must track down Gina herself, using her sister’s custom definitions – random words and sentences summarising life events. This leads Charley to realise how little she really knows about Gina’s relationship with her fiancé and his family.

Desperate to find Gina, Charley begins a dangerous journey, using the definitions to question people close to her sister. They lead her into the sinister world of the family Gina was about to marry into. But Charley’s own past holds dark secrets too, ones that threaten to overcome her at every turn.

Can you escape your past and move on? How well do you really know your own family?

My Thoughts:

Definitions is a dark and tense read.

The story is told in short chapters which flick between Gina leading up to the day she goes missing and her sister Charley who is trying her best to find her.

As the chapters are quite short I just flew through this book, it also helped that the story line is really good.

I have to say there really is not many nice characters in this book at all. Everyone seems to have their own agenda. Gina and Charley certainly have issues of their own but I must say that the sisterly bond that they have is touching to read.

Gina has her head screwed on, that is until she meets Daniel. Her sister and her friends can see he is no good for her and Gina wants to prove them wrong. Their relationship is not a healthy one and even though Gina knows she has made a mistake she seems to keep digging herself into a deeper hole.

Charley is a recovering drug addict, she knows something isn’t right when her sister disappears. Only problem is, who is going to take her seriously with her fears for her sister.

Definitions is the authors debut novel and I have to say I am really impressed. Definitions is a story full of lies and deceit that has a few surprises up its sleeves. Even though the chapters flick back and forth it is surprisingly easy to keep up with and it held my attention through out. I especially loved the ending.

I would like to thank the author for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I have awarded this book 4/5 stars.

Definitions is available to purchase from Amazon

My Thoughts:How far will they go to protect you? A tense, thrilling novel set in Liverpool about a family divided by secrets and a sister who won’t give up.

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