Cold Blood By Alex Shaw


Book Description:

SAS officer Aidan Snow is in charge of training a new Polish unit when he is called to lead the barely-trained men into an operation to foil a bank robbery.

Disaster strikes when the criminals blow the convoy to hell, and Snow is left fighting for his life in a car’s wreckage.

A green-eyed soldier stands over him and watches what he believes are Snow’s last breaths; but he doesn’t pull the trigger.

Ten years on and Snow is teaching in Ukraine, keeping a low profile.

But events will force Snow into a life-or-death chase.

The green-eyed man, Taurus Pashinski – also known as the Bull – is employed by old military contacts to help smuggle arms and drugs over the border of Ukraine.

A young, vengeful ex-solider is drawn into the Bull’s plot when he persuades him that two British investors are his older brother’s killers.

The murders will spark a manhunt in Britain and a series of dramatic events in Ukraine which will drag Snow and his friends into deeper and deeper trouble.

With crooked intelligence officers, ambitious businessmen and bloodthirsty ex-military, Ukraine rapidly becomes a killing zone.

Has Aidan Snow still got what it takes to come out of retirement and face the Bull?

What is the Bull really after, and what will he do to get it?

Will the ex-SAS soldier be able to defeat his old nemesis before he destroys everything Snow holds dear?

‘Cold Blood’ is the gripping sequel to ‘Cold Black’, an international and contemporary thriller.

My Thoughts:

Cold Blood is an exciting and fast paced story which any fans of authors like Andy Mcnab and Stephen Leather will love.

Aidan Snow used to be in the SAS but having left that life behind has started a new career as a teacher. Unfortunately sometimes events from the past don’t stay buried and they return to haunt us.

I have to say to start with I did slightly struggle to get into the story as it is so fast paced. It jumps around from different characters and to different countries. Once I got into it though I was well and truly hooked.

Aidan Snow is a really interesting character who I felt great empathy for. He is trying to get on with his life and seems to be quite settled with the direction his new career has taken him. Due to an old nemesis who wants an eye for an eye, Aidan has to rely on his time in the SAS to out wit his enemy to try and save himself.

Cold Blood is jam packed full of action and is great for anyone who likes an edge of your seat read.

I have awarded this book 4/5 stars,

Cold Blood is available to purchase from Amazon

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