26 Miles To The Moon By Andrew Males


Book Description:

10 Hopefuls. 26 Miles. 1 Target: The Moon.

Jon Dunn is a nobody, going nowhere in life. But that all changes when he answers a random email that puts him on a journey that’ll take him so far out of his comfort zone, he’ll need a telescope just to look back at it.
Escaping from his increasingly demented boss is the easy bit. Running naked from the law at a top tourist attraction and surviving training from a sadistic instructor will be more difficult.

Billionaire Doug Peabody wants to send mankind’s first rocket to the Moon in decades. He’s even created a competition to win a seat on it… providing his ex-friend Dmitri doesn’t sabotage his already-threadbare plans and beat him to it.

Can Jon stop the evil, win-at-all-costs Nicki?
And can he really trust Summer, the girl with the yo-yo halo?

From the London skyline to the punishing bridges of the New York City Marathon, Jon and nine other going-nowheres are branded like cattle and put through the challenge and pain of a competition for the most exciting prize the world has ever seen.

The Great Space Race is on!

My Thoughts:

I was actually the highest bidder in a charity auction to win a signed copy of this book. It was great to be able to give to a good cause, I have to say though it was a bit of a risk on my part having not heard of this author before but the blurb sounded good so thought I would give it a go.

26 Miles To The Moon is a wonderful story of ten hopefuls who have to race each other. The winner of the twenty six mile race will win a seat on a rocket going into space.

Jon is a great character who could be any of us. He has been plodding along in life and then gets an email that changes his life. He throws caution to the wind and decides to take a chance in life.

There are quite a few characters in this book but Jon and the free spirit that is Summer Breeze were my favourites. The relationship that grows between these two characters was immensely enjoyable and fun to read.

Nicki for obvious reasons was my least favourite. She is extremely competitive and will not let anything or anyone get in her way for that winning prize.

26 Miles To The Moon is such a feel good book. It’s a story about taking risks and living your life to the fullest and more than anything to always believe in yourself.

I absolutely loved this book. I could feel the adrenalin coursing through me whilst reading about the race. As I was actually reading this in bed I actually had to sit up onto the edge of the bed as I was struggling to contain my emotions towards the end of the race. I very nearly started jumping up and down as was wanting to cheer on Jon and the other contestants.

An absolute joy to read and would highly recommend that people take a risk with this book as I am certain that readers will love it as much as me.


26 Miles To The Moon is available to purchase from Amazon

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