Jet: Cold Shadow (Kindle Worlds) By Alex Shaw


Book Description:

***Featuring JET from New York Times Bestselling Author Russell Blake’s hit action & adventure series and AIDAN SNOW from Alex Shaw’s bestselling espionage thriller series – two elite covert operatives must join forces to survive in an all action thriller***

When a Mossad traitor is located in rebel controlled Eastern Ukraine, running an illegal interrogation center, JET – Mossad’s most lethal operative – is tasked with his elimination.
Posing as a Kremlin sponsored journalist, Jet travels with a Russian convoy into insurgent controlled Donetsk.

The convoy is attacked…

Who are the assailants?

Has her cover been blown?

Can she still complete the mission?

But Jet is not the only asset in the area. MI6 have sent in their most trusted agent – Aidan Snow – on a deniable operation to rescue a British Muslim student, held hostage in Donetsk.
Unbeknownst to Mossad or MI6, their missions will merge as the pair of intelligence operatives join forces against the Russian backed insurgents of the Donetsk Peoples Republic.
Outgunned and outnumbers, Jet and Snow are forced to fight their way through and out of Donetsk before Russia closes its new iron curtain.

Two agents, two missions, together they make one hell of a team.

My Thoughts:

Having met Aidan Snow in Cold Blood which I recently read, I was very much looking forward to reading this book.

Two agents, two separate missions and what follows is a trail of mayhem, death and destruction by a dynamic duo who are a force to be reckoned with and will complete their missions no matter what.

I honestly did not know whether two main characters from two different series’ would work but it definitely does. I enjoyed Aidan’s character in Cold Blood and he certainly did not disappoint in this one either. He is still as focused as ever but there is still that almost soft and caring side to him also. Jet, I had no idea what to expect from her as I haven’t had the pleasure of reading the series with her in. What I will say is that this woman can seriously kick ass! It is great to have such a strong female role, especially in this style of genre where it definitely is more dominated by men.

Jet: Cold Shadow is a novel that once you start reading you literally will not be able to put down. I devoured this book very quickly which to me is a great sign of how good a book is. It is fast paced and full of action and more than anything a really enjoyable read.

Many thanks to the author for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


Jet: Cold Shadow is out now and at this current time is only available to purchase from

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