Pippo’s War By Marion Kenyon Jones


Book Description:

Fact and fiction weave together to create an epic love story which begins in Northern Italy during the closing months of the Second World War and will span the globe.

Coming of age is hard enough for Pippo, the son of a Fascist Italian diplomat, but when his father is arrested, he is forced to question the old family allegiance to the Fascist cause. His mother, originally aligned with Italy against her native Britain, decides to hide escaped allied soldiers from the occupying Nazis, and in so doing finds that love and war often go hand in hand.

Pippo’s mother rescues Hannah, a young Italian Jew whose parents were murdered and Pippo begins a romance with her. The family are drawn into the Resistance and there is an increasingly menacing undertone of war, which erupts with tragic consequences as the retreating German army arrive in the area.

Pippo and Hannah are forced apart. As paths divide and fates collide, can one young man fly in the face of all opposition to be with the one he loves?

An historical novel full of period detail, an epic love story, and a classic coming-of-age tale, Pippo’s war will leave you spellbound and hungry for more.

My Thoughts:

Pippo’s War is a tale of love against all the odds.

Set mainly in Italy during the war, the beauty of the country still very much comes through in the authors writing.

Pippo is a son that any mother would be proud of. Growing up is hard enough, especially with a war going on but Pippo helps his mother out as much as possible. When Hannah is brought into the house hold it isn’t long before the two of them start having feelings for each other. Unfortunately this is not looked very kindly upon by Pippo’s mother.

Pippo and Hannah are both such gentle souls who are obviously meant to be together. Even though they both go through loss and heartache it never changes who they are inside.

This is a story that flows very well. With a mixture of characters that the reader grows attached to, it is very much a tale of coming of age and the emotions and feelings that go with that important time of our lives. It’s also a story of never giving up hope and most of all an innocent and true love that some people will never be lucky enough to experience.

Many thanks to the author for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I have awarded this nook 4/5 stars.

Pippo’s War is available to purchase from Amazon

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