Embellished Deception: A Romantic Psychological Thriller Novel (The Crime Files) By Netta Newbound


Book Description:

When Geraldine MacIntyre’s marriage falls apart, she returns to her childhood home expecting her mother to welcome her with open arms. Instead, she finds all is not as it should be with her parents.

James Dunn, a successful private investigator and crime writer, is also back in his home-town, to help solve a recent spate of vicious rapes. He is thrilled to discover his ex-classmate, and love of his life, Geraldine, is back, minus the hubby, and sets out to get the girl. However, he isn’t the only interested bachelor in the quaint, country village. Has he left it too late?

Embellished Deception is a thrilling, heart-wrenching and thought provoking story of love, loss and deceit.

WARNING – This book contains graphic rape scenes.

My Thoughts:

After reading Behind Shadows by the same author, I became a huge fan, especially when I read An Impossible Dilemma which blew me away.

Embellished Deception has one of the most disturbing prologues I have ever read but when you get past that the rest of the book is pretty tame.

As with all of this authors books I could not put it down, my only problem is that the book is classed as a romantic thriller. After Geri (Geraldine) comes back to the village where she grew up after splitting with her husband, I have to admit that I did find it a bit much that she then goes out on dates with nearly every available male in the village, I think I would class it more as lust than romance though she does finally get it together with one of them at the end.

My other issue was that as soon as you meet Geri’s parents it’s obvious that something is not right with her mother. As the story progresses it becomes apparent why her mother is at times off with her family and other people in the village. The mothers illness actually takes up quite a big portion of the book and even though I was still very much enthralled by the story I did think it some what detracts that there is a rapist at large in the village and I was dying to know who it was.

Saying that though, Embellished Deception is still a good story which I did enjoy reading. There are shocks and twists which I have come to expect now from this author and she does not disappoint.

I have awarded this book 4/5 stars.

Embellished Deception is available to purchase from Amazon

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