Six For Seven: A South African Dinner By Jo Roderick


Book Description:

What are you served for dinner while in the company of a lecherous reverend, an aging beauty queen, a gay lottery presenter, a guru, a shrink, a few reporters, and an odd assortment of South African parodies? Why, dinner of course! The rest is just dessert!

This novel takes a quirky look at South Africa, its inhabitants, and the comedy that is politics. This is what some real South Africans are like. Some you may like and they will be back in their own book series.

Do join us! Dinner is served, settle in, and get to know everyone at the table.

My Thoughts:

Six For Seven certainly isn’t the usual sort of book I would normally go for but for some reason the blurb intrigued me so I thought I would give it a go.

The story pretty much is a group of people sat round a table eating dinner, making small talk.

There is a variety of characters, some more interesting than others. Each chapter introduces the reader to each character and then alternates between them until the evening is over.

The story actually made me feel like I was also a part of the evening, getting to know each diner and party to all the stories they were telling.

The dinner conversation certainly was interesting, some parts more than others and with an underlying sense of humour in parts.

A few of the characters intrigued me and would certainly like to see more books with them in. I especially liked the chemistry that was going on between Tom and Annabelle and these two definitely deserve a novel of their own.

Six For Seven certainly made for a different and enjoyable read and would certainly read more by the author.

I have awarded this book 4/5 stars.

Six For Seven is available to purchase from Amazon

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